Caught in the net of WordPress (it’s rather neat) was the first spam-comment. (It was referrer spam, aiming to build up the number of links coming back to it, and hence push itself up Google’s rankings.)

How interesting: this of course means one has “arrived”, rather as the first piece of junk mail offering you a loan you can’t support at a new home means you’re really accepted by the outside world as living there – forget all those neighbours dropping by with bottles of wine, they’re just locals.

Just for a laff, here’s the text of the spam. It’s the spelling mistakes I enjoy. Sent via an Italian broadband system, advertising an Amerrican flower service, so surely a Trojan-infected PC.

“We commisserated re. money and dissatisfaction green card with the whole schema of ‘jobs’, in general, green card and how, of course, we’d so much rather be doing green card lottery art full time, and filling our days with something cigars of genuine interest and of genuine value. For usa visa me, I feel myself placing more and more importance accept credit card”.

It almost sounds as though it makes sense, like listening around a corner to a whispered conversation. If you could the aural equivalent of srewing your eyes up…