John Dvorak one day, Paul Thurrott the next. At the latter’s blog are some (?alleged?) pictures of the new HP iPod.

Ah, so Paul, will those play WMAs as you forecast in January (“to add support for WMA format to the iPod by mid-year. You heard it here first”). I don’t think iTunes offering internal WMA->MP3/AAC conversion counts, really. Just say: “I was wrong.” I managed it, so can you.

To be fair I should also put up my list of predictions for this year, as they’re now behind a paywall, and so less easy to pick apart. (Here’s the Slashdot thread from it. Note that a lot of the predictions there are the posters’, and that the link back to The Indie page is now 404 – we reorganised.) The majority (of mine) remain or have come true. One I recall being wrong is that a virus did appear with a malicious payload. Oh well.

If I ever organise myself sufficiently I’ll put it on the site somewhere. I’ve done the HTML conversion; now it’s just a question of completely overhauling the site, with new index, directories, and CSS.