And the Loebner Prize for AI doesn’t go to…. Chatnannies

Remember all the fuss about those claims by Chatnannies? And how Jim Wightman, the person behind it, said he’d win the Loebner Prize (a Turing Test) this year? (It’s in the first link.)

Well, guess what. The list of this year’s entrants to the Loebner Prize is up. And… no Jim Wightman.

I wonder what the excuse will be this time?


  1. And how come Kevin Warwick still gets on the telly and taken seriously?


  2. Who are these people who you claim take Kevin Warwick seriously, then? BBC doesn’t count.

  3. It was the BBC. In fact, it was Jeremy Clarkson.

    Yeah, I know.

    You’dve thought someone would have said _something_ during the making of the programme. I watched it to the end (one of the advantages of video projectors is that you can throw things with some violence at the picture and they just bounce off the wall), and it had researchers and everything. The rest of the programme – on the history of computing – was quite good, in a BBC2 Does Laddish sort of way.

    One news editor whom I knew decided to run a special on artificial intelligence. He planned it all out, and then told everyone what they’d be doing. He was shocked (and didn’t believe us at first) when he was told “you do know there’s no such thing as intelligent machines, don’t you?” and “You do know there’s no such thing as an intelligent Kevin Warwick either?”.


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