The best all-in-one Apple IM client?

So I’m having a play with the three contenders here – Proteus, Adium and Fire. Because despite being a latecomer to IM, I’m already trying to keep in touch with folk on two different networks, and – well, take two bottles into the shower? I just IM and go!

Anyway it seems to me that despite being not-free (or perhaps because of that), the winner is Proteus. It just seems to do a stack more stuff. I like Adium’s lower-tabbed windows, so you don’t have windows spawning all over the place for different conversations (lost marks, Fire), but Proteus hits back by using the OSX drawer to stack the different conversations.

Is there anything similar for Windows? Only Gaim that I could find. And as it happens, that code (written for Linux) underpins all the apps here – they all use libgaim.

Any more I’ve missed and should try?


  1. When I’ve had to use Windows at work, I relied on Trillian for IM. Seemed to work well enough across the various services.

  2. Trillian is probably the best All in One IM client on the windows side.

    There is a free and a pay for version. Personally, I switched from Fire to Adium because of Adium’s tabbed conversation window, and the fact that the user list can be configured to be pretty unobtrusive (smaller names, transparency, etc). However, I use Trillian on my PC (for the rare times I’m IMing from it).

  3. Do any of these support video? Video chat in Yahoo, on a Mac is simply awful, and nonexistent on MSN’s OSX version. I’m spoiled with iChat, but most of my PC using friends can’t see anymore than a black box (even after updating AIM). I keep hoping one of these 3rd party, all-in-one chat clients will pick up where Yahoo, AOL, and MSN’s developers left off, but I haven’t found a good program yet.

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