Is it because they were too busy answering surveys?

This just in:
Washington, DC (PRWEB) October 18, 2004 -- 71% of marketers reported time as a key concern in managing a business blog for their company or organization according to results from a recent WordBiz survey. 45% were unsure what to write about, 18% questioned if the content needs to be edited or pre approved and 15% wondered who would be responsible for the content. Yet, when asked if they have considered starting a business blog, more than 80% responded yes.

I’m enormously tempted to fill in other responses that the marketing folk might have had for why they hadn’t started their blog but I’ll leave it as an exercise for the reader :-)

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  1. Yeah, I reckon they were too busy providing reliable ROI and ensuring maximum monetization of vertical, horizontal and diagonal channels resulting in improved mindshare and very, very shiny kippers.

    Shiny kippers, I tell you.

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