Now that’s neat: view your site optimised for disability access

Have a look at this page generated by WiderWeb.

It’s like this one… only optimised to meet accessibility guidelines. Done automagically: strips out Javascript, mostly ignores CSS, and so on. A British invention (yay!) that deserves a wider audience.

How to do it: start with “” and add the part of the target website after “http://”. Enjoy. Read more at


  1. Charles,

    There is also Lynx Viewer – which lets you view your pages through a simulation of the Lynx text browser. I find it quite useful, as I don’t think that there is a version of Lynx that runs under OS X.

  2. it is to this gizmos credit that it makes so easily navigable. Excellent.

  3. Argh #1: I don’t know of any accessibility guidelines that require CSS to be mostly ignored. Have a look at That’s pretty good on the accessibility, but doesn’t look like it was coded in 1993.

    Reigning in my web designer knee-jerk: the tool above looks like it could be a useful way to circumvent the bad design of some inaccessible sites. But I guess it doesn’t re-arrange the HTML to be semantic, so users on screen readers may still find them difficult.

    Argh #2: Of course Lynx runs on OS X! OS X is just Unix, after all.

    Ah. Then again, you might need 10.2 and the 10.2 Developer Tools (which are a free download, but still). Anyhoo…

  4. There is also Links which installs a text browser under Mac OS X, without the need to have the Developer Tools installed. It also seems to have a few more features that Lynx does.

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