This was due to me messing up some characters in my editing of the Three Strikes Plugin which has been sorely tested today by a comment spammer who for the past 18 hours has been hitting the site about every four minutes trying to advertise hold-’em poker. Look, pal, buy an advert and we’ll see about it, OK?

Meanwhile the plugin thwarted them all, and I’ve edited it so that if it blocks a comment and emails you, there’s a clickable link to look up where in the world the PC doing it is. I’ll aim to post it sometime. (Email or comment if you’re desperate for it. Or see the Strikes Plugin page – I posted my bit of the code near the bottom.) And maybe write a version that incorporates the Spammer Tar Pit. Make his Trojanned PCs wait. (I’ll call it “Three Strikes And You’re Into The Tar Pit”.)

..and later, some other idiot has taken over trying to advertisie something I can’t even figure out. Look, your attempts at comment spamming don’t work, OK? Stop wasting your money on the Trojanned zombie networks.