Remember Clark County in Ohio? Which The Guardian had a whizzy idea of getting British (or any) readers to write letters to, to persuade its voters to re-defeat Bush (even though they voted for Al Gore, by 324 votes, in 2000. So what was the problem with Clark County exactly?)

So anyway now the votes are in and the die is cast. And Clark County? Oddly, the Guardian archive search for “controversial letter, Clark County” turns up nothing.

Useful then to have the physical paper, where a “blob” on the end of a story on page 7 notes: “George Bush won Clark County, focus of a controversial letter writing campaign by Guardian readers, by 1,620 votes, a swing of around 3% to the Republicans, in line with the nationwide trend.”

So… made no difference? Got completely ignored? Or just made people more determined, since there were more voters…?

Even so, guys, you could at least cough to it with a bit more front. Pride in your mistakes: that’s the real British way.