Bluetooth and Bluewater: spam that isn’t, apparently

Over at TechDigest, there’s an apparently wrong claim that the Bluewater shopping centre off the M25 is a noxious source of spam – that if you walk around with Bluetooth on your mobile phone active, you’ll receive Bluespam (go on, let’s coin the phrase).

Except that it seems it ain’t so, according to the person who was there: I’d be interested to hear what [Tech Digest] have heard about Bluewater. Is there something new in the way of BlueSpam or even good old-fashioned SMS spam?

Or could they be referring to the ZagMe service, which I was involved in running there a few years back, I wonder?

And has anyone yet received Bluespam? (As in Bluetooth spam, not the rude sort..)


  1. Hi

    Speaking as the person who was there :-)

    The rude sort of Bluetooth communication is actually called “toothing”. While non-sexual (and often prankish) person-to-person Bluetooth messaging is called “Bluejacking”.

    More on Bluejacking here if you’re interested.


  2. Yes, I wrote about toothing in April (though had the story about a month earlier). What I was wondering was whether anyone has had commercial spam sent via Bluetooth. I realise it’s entirely possible…

  3. I can’t name names or a friend may end up in trouble but said friend is currently working on viral marketing stuff for Bluetooth phones. Tis also interesting that the jacking concept was about stealing stuff out of a phone or Bluetooth device, where as spam etc is about stuffing things into a PC / inbox.

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