DateSunday 21 November 2004

Why can the BBC mention The Independent newspaper but not the John Lewis retail chain?

Did a piece – well, was interviewed – for BBC’s Feedback program, which I’ve usually just enjoyed as a listener, about digital radios. Basically, we met up at John Lewis’s store and I and one of their staff talked about the huge variety of digital radios on offer, and especially stuff like the Pure Digital Bug which lets you pause or record radio. (I’m going to record the repeat of Feedback on Sunday.)

Much kudos to Polly Bradshaw of John Lewis’s PR who basically gave us a venue and managed to get it fairly quiet – no trivial task. Yet when it came to the program, although my affiliation was given, John Lewis wasn’t (it was just called “a large retail chain or something) – and that, even though one of their team was also providing verbal input.

I’m not bitter or angry or Melanie Phillips-style ranty about this; just puzzled and intrigued. Can anyone explain?

Interesting detail about Feedback: huge amount of the feedback is now as emails. Letters? Few dozen a week. A lot of phone calls. But the Net has really changed life on those programs.

So what will Heat magazine dream up for Nadia next?

It can only be counted as amazing how heat Magazine has managed to suck its new favourite celeb, Nadia, into the system: the past couple of weeks have been all about how to lose those extra pounds to squeeze into that bikini.

This of course ignoring the fact that Nadia is transsexual and so, despite all the hormone supplements, is going to have a male physiology; no chance of cellulite, and fat much easier to lose.

Surely at heat Towers they’re already moping at the fact that they’re never going to get Nadia: my IVF drama or Nadia: the child I never knew I had. Which will also mean being spat out (rather as Kate Lawler, another former Big Brother winner now is being, for the crime of appearing TOO THIN – can anyone feel a slight contradiction going on here?). The inevitability doesn’t make it any sadder.