If you’re reading this from South America or Asia/Pacific, get in touch before I cut your access

OK, getting bored with Trojanned Windows PC trying to comment-spam this blog. The vast majority are from LACNIC and APNIC addresses – Latin America and Asia-Pacific. So I’m planning sometime soon-ish to simply block them from accessing this site. Because frankly, I don’t believe I have readers there.

Gah! What about Australians!? Slaps forehead. And New Zealanders?!

OK, here’s how to find out if you’re listed with APNIC or LACNIC: go to http://ipinfo.info/ and then click the third line, saying “Who owns this IP address?”. If it comes back as a LACNIC or APNIC block, come back and drop a comment here. (The comments system will catch your IP.) Then I’ll know to allow your ISP to access this page. Because frankly it’s my bill for hosting that these comment spammers are using. And it’s annoying.

Otherwise I’ll add the APNIC and LACNIC blocks in a week or so. Spread the word, Aussie and New Zealanders..


  1. Charles,

    From the Antipodes, a reader not a spammer. However, if you are interested in assisting me move a dead relative’s ill-gotten gains out of the country for a largish commission, you know what to do.

  2. One from Singapore!

  3. Excellent – Unwired Australia (220.101.0.x – 220.101.191.x) and Pacific Internet (213.120.x.x) are welcome here…

  4. Please don’t block this Aussie!

  5. OK, Robert, Internode ( – is allowed… and has never been used to spam me either.

  6. Charles, please don’t block this Kiwi ISP

  7. Fine, mike – Orcon Internet ( – is welcome and hasn’t been used for a spam either.

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