G4 perform ‘Creep’ on the X-Factor: is there a tree high enough to hang them from?

I’ve watched part of one episode – the last – of “The X-Factor”, the latest in the music business’s attempt to totally destroy its mystique and push itself into a spiral in which short-term artists pop up, are famous for as long as it takes a match to burn out (remember Michelle watsername, winner of the last Pop Idol? What is she doing now?) and then vanish.

And then they came on, four blokes in suits, and do Radiohead’s ‘Creep’ – an anthem of disaffected rage and alienation. In cod-opera voices. Sure, pop will eat itself, but it would be nice if it weren’t force-fed.

As for G4, folk mebbe considerin’ one of them necktie parties for them. Good grief. I can bear some of the lounge-style covers of Radiohead (they’re the only ones on the iTunes Music Store, as the band won’t let their stuff go on it). But this was beneath irony.


  1. Michelle Mcmanus is set to apepar to on TOTP for Xmas day. It is the only appointment in her diary for December, the busiest month in the entertainment calendar.

  2. You obviously wouldn’t know talent if it slapped you round the face.

    If you don’t like it, dont watch it – nobody is forcing you.

    Get over yourself.

  3. Maybe if you watched all of the Xfactor you would have seen how GOOD G4 are. They are one of the most talented groups I have heard and I’m sorry but for all 3 judges to give comments like they did is quite unusual.

  4. Well if you really believe that about G4, then you must have your head firmly immbedded in your arse!! They are one of the best talents to come out of a reality show – which you don’t often find a true TALENT like that!I enjoy their ‘popera’ style musical image, and will support them all the way!

    Me Thinks You Should Get A Life (and quickly before you send everyone to sleep with the crap that comes out of your mouth’s)!

    BTW, The Album’s Out On The 28th Februrary 2005

  5. What a nasty, small-minded and limited attitude you have. Radiohead are one of my all-time favourite groups but I would listen to G4’s interpretation of ‘Creep’ over Radiohead’s original every single time given the chance. You may not like what they’ve done with the song but surely you must admit that it’s refreshing that a cover doesn’t sound almost identical to the original, as seems to be the norm these days. What’s the point of that?! If you believe Radiohead to be beyond reproach and regard G4’s performance as sacrilege then I suggest that you get some perspective.

  6. It may have helped if in fact you had watched more of the programme before you have the audacity to make a comment. If you had you would have realised that G4 are an incredible ly talented group who can sing in any genre they chose. It is not often we see in those kind of shows anyone who has such an amazing repotoire of music and the ability to switch from one genre to another.Why bother doing a cover if all you can do is to copy the original For goodness sake use a karoke machine. G4 take a song and make it theirs. If you do not like them that is your perogative but at least be constructive rather than talking tosh.

  7. Your comments about G4 are totally unjustified they are one of the finst groups to come on to the music scene for a long time. Talented and different they present their music in an entirely new way and as such should be respected. if you do not like it tough but at least have the guts to venture an opinion rather than resort to chidish comments.

  8. Just another comment to add to the rest really. If you don’t like them then
    that’s your problem not ours so stop talking s**t! What I also believe is that you
    cannot decide wether you like someone with just one listen – it takes at least 2 or 3.
    So maybe you should have tuned in other weeks to get what they were really about and you would then appriciate them more. So I suggest that you justify your opinions with real evidence and not pure bollocks, you should really know better! I see the release date for the album has already been mentioned and I am looking forward to it, but we must not
    forget about the single release of “Bohemium Rhapsody” for March 14th.

    You mention G4’s irony, but I seem to find that the only irony around here is you,
    so you shove your bad-opinions where the sun don’t shine!

  9. How can you say such nasty things about G4 if you only watched one show??? Thats just stupid!! You should research things a bit more before makeing childish comments on them. If there not your cup of tea then thats fine but theres absoulty no need to start slaging them off for not reason!!!! From the amount of replys that have been posted about your pathtic message you can see that G4 are well loved and will definatly do well! i bet that you feel like such a idiot for posting that horendus message about the wonderful G4!!

  10. I’m sorry but your comment is ignorant and rude. You have no right to make such a comment, having seen only one performance. You don’t have to like them, that’s perfectly acceptable, not everyone likes the same music, but when people like you make ridiculus remarks like that,attempting to seem big and clever, just end up looking like idiotic arseholes. Even if you don’t like them, you have to admit that they are talented. Sir, don’t argue with us, we have a million and one reasons why your wrong.

  11. I advise you get a hearing aid, you little dumbassed idiot.

    I watched the X Factor, and I didn’t really like G4 that much: I like Cassie a lot more. But they have talent. They can sing.You can’t deny that they can sing, okay? So just keep your lousy opinions to yourself, thank you very much.

  12. Jade aka G4sBiggestFan

    Tuesday 15 February 2005 at 11:26 am

    Oh my Gosh, Seriously have you woke up on the wrong side of the bed? G4 have such a natural talent, and theyre unique voices when combined together make some beautiful music, as my fellow g4 fans up there (Cheryl Tango Reformed, Craig and pheobe) Have said, they are so talented and you obviously wouldnt know talent if it danced naked infront of you wearing a tea cosey. ‘Nuff said. and yes Pheobe. We havealot of reasons why g4 are the BEST

  13. Hmm, some search engine has either hit a fan group, or someone has been busy with the proxies from a record company.

    Er – hello out there? You’re all saying “keep your opinions to yourself”? This is my blog – where the hell else am I meant to air my opinions? I’m letting you air yours, even though I think you’ve completely missed the point of my post. Do you piss all over the floor when you go round to peoples’ houses too then? It’d be nice to be allowed the freedom of my own thoughts on the site I pay for.

    You all think G4 are marvellous. Well, hey, bully for you. Lots of people thought the winners of the first Popstars series (quick! name them! Can you? Can you name more than two of its members?) were marvellous too, and I was dead right when I did a phone-in on a radio show and forecast, just after it had been on, that they’d be gone within two years.

    I’ve heard a lot of music in my time. I retain the absolute right to judge folk as crap based on their appearing on (a) a talent show (b) performing the wrong song in the wider context of what music for the heart is about. (That said, Will Young deserves to thrive. Now, can anyone tell me what’s happened to Gareth Gates, hmm?) “Being able to sing” is a talent given to many. Being a star isn’t.

    As with Microsoft (see a post from the other day) just because you’re selling a lot doesn’t mean you’ve captured peoples’ hearts. As for you folk boosting G4, come back in two years’ time and let’s see if they’re selling big then.

    And finally, unless they’ve discovered the 112th element, it’s *Bohemian* Rhapsody.

  14. Well, congratulations on catching ‘part of one episode’. You really do your research, don’t
    you? I only hope that you put in a little more work for your articles in the Independant. You come over as a spiteful, bigoted little person who has no idea what he’s talking about, but says it anyway. Then sits back sniggering like a puerile schoolboy at the outrage he’s caused. And ‘four blokes in suits’? Is there something wrong with them being decent, well-dressed young men who just happen to sing beautifully? Obviously to you, yes, and I now have the unpretty picture of a tedious newspaper hack in scruffy old clothes warbling flatly to himself. Grow up!

  15. Well thank you for replying… I think.

    If you don’t want G4 fans to post, then don’t say something that will provoke them – I would have thought that was common sense really!

    What I really find difficult to understand, is that you pay for webspace, and use part of it to slag off a group that you don’t like, why bother? If I disliked someone that much, I wouldn’t waste my breath talking about them at all.

    I’d like to quote “just because you’re selling a lot doesn’t mean you’ve captured peoples’ hearts” – I’m slightly confused about this comment. What exactly DOES it mean then? I would have thought that if you’re selling a lot, people are buying your music, therefore you’ve captured peoples’ hearts. Maybe it’s just me?

    I personally think that G4 will be around in two years, and if not, well two years IS quite a long time – you can hardly say that if they’re gone after two years, that they’ve failed!

    Why don’t you think before you post things like this, because it’s obvious that it would rile the fans of G4.

  16. You are very contradicting. You are like “This is my blog where I can air my views..” well:
    1) Why didnt you disable the reply button
    2) or instead chose a blogger which nobody can reply two
    3) *Most importantly* we are simply airing our views that you seriosuly need to wake up and smell the coffee.

    And cheryl, I’m loving your posts on ‘ere xxx

  17. Of course you are entitled to your opinion, and I believe the phrase ‘Leave a Comment’ invites comments on your view? Although it is difficult to address them to one who believes ‘p**s on the floor’ to be adequate journalism.
    I agree that G4 may not be around in the future. They are classically trained singers who may wish to return to their roots. Each of them certainly has a long musical career of them, they
    already have an engagement at the Royal Albert Hall; I think you will be seeing one or other of them performing in their own right there, at La Scala or the Proms in the future. Where will you or I be in ten years time?

  18. Well thanks for your reply (even if it was another load of crap)

    Why create a blog with a leave the message option about a group you don’t like when it was inevitable that you would get negative comments about your thoughts!

    You also mention about “that band” on popstars and say that no-one will be able to remember at least 2 of them. Well for you information (and this is coming from someone who didn’t like them), I could name all of them they were called Kym Marsh, Noel Sullivan, Danny Foster, Suzanne Shaw and Myleene Klass aka. Hear’Say. And to buzz you off even more, Kym left and Johnny Shentall replaced her. So I can only hope and wonder wether this will be the same in another two years regarding G4. Well for a start they will still be around releasing great songs and albums, and everyone will be abvle to name the talent that are Jonathan Ansell, Mike Christie, Ben Thappa and Matt Stiff. So swivel on that!!!

    I too am confused at your quote: “just because you’re selling a lot doesn’t mean you’ve captured peoples’ hearts” – surely if they are selling alot then THEY ARE capturing peoples hearts with their music. You Dimwit, go back to the hole that you crawled from in the first place!

  19. Craig, try to be polite, even if it’s a completely new world to you. It wasn’t inevitable that I’d get raging fans unable to tell a blog where a journalist might take some time off to air personal opinions from newspaper and other outlets where one researches facts that other people aren’t able to find out. But hey, that seems to be what has happened.

    Well done on naming Hear’say. Got their albums? Oh, hang on, album.

    You’re all showing terrific naivete; not least because this post is two months old. (Check the date posted at the top.) Someone stumble across it, then? Been pointed at it by a record company? Or not really aware who’s pulling your strings? The whole programme is got up by the record business, which would like to milk you of all your cash with completely disposable acts it can package at you.

    You may think you’re somehow scoring points by trying to insult me (obviously I do more research for factual pieces I write; I don’t block comments, despite the spam, because most people – though the percentage is going down just now – have something useful to contribute that enlarges our knowledge; and saying “G4 are great” isn’t going to change my mind), but actually all you do is insult your own intelligence. Talent shows produce few great artists. (I’ve named one I think it has produced.) I don’t think G4 are among those few.

  20. Excellent – nice to see that housewives, ‘kewl’ Costa-Coffee girls and lads that spend far too much time perusing the clothing department at House Of Fraser wishing they were rich/famous/good looking are embracing this blogging lark with gusto…shame they couldn’t hold a decent argument with an avacado.

    G4? More like What4…still, that’s not my main beef. My main beef is that so few people understood the argument “just because you’re selling a lot doesn’t mean you’ve captured peoples’ hearts”

    Doh! Microsoft sells a lot because people have to buy it…whether that’s end users through choice or companies through the way their systems are set up. Everytime someone buys a PC they’re buying a piece of Microsoft as well (unless they’ve gone trendy and opted for pre-installed Linux).

    Just because G4 sell a few singles and albums that’s no indication of them capturing hearts. The very nature of these shows is to make massive profits for the TV company, sponsorship partners and record labels with minimal costs in a very short time span…longevity of an artist isn’t even on their radar…difficult second albums cost money. People who ‘love’ G4 are buying into the short term, disposable-content mindset that is a cancer on modern society.

    Do yourselves a favour, stop wasting energy, oxygen and bandwidth supporting a ‘band’ you’ll have forgotten about by the time the next Pop [INSERT TRENDY NAME HERE] show comes around.

    If you want to get passionate about music, ditch the Shania Twain, Celine Dion and Robbie Williams albums and get yourself an opinion on artists that have worked hard for critical recognition.

  21. Thanx again for your reply!

    OK I’ll be polite, this time!! I do think that if you posted something negitive about G4 (or any musical artist) you will get some comments back saying that they do have talent!! And yes I did only find this artice this month through a google for G4, but what does that matter, don’t know how others found it but the point is they did! You also claim that you do research well if you do it properly then you would know that Hear’say did 2 albums (and no I don’t have them). One reason I know this however is I really enjoy reality tv, and agree in a way that not many talents are found with the exception to Will Young (who you have pointed out), Lemar, G4, Rowetta and even Girls Aloud have prooved themselves! I realise that you may not be into the sort of music that G4 catogorise in but I was like that too until watching the X Factor – G4 are who turned me around and now enjoy listening to classical artists such as Hayley Westenra, Russel Watson, Il Divo, Sarah Brightman and Josh Groban.

  22. Charles,

    You are, of course, entitled to an opinion, as are the rest of us, and you present a good argument on the motives behind this type of talent show. I doubt anyone seriously believes that the main aim of the record companies is to find an amazing new talent.

    I must ask though, don’t you think that questioning the credibility of all acts that come through this medium is a bit narrow-minded on your part? True, there will be acts that flop, but there will also be those that flourish.

    You must have known when you chose your words for this particular entry that you would stir up the emotions of any G4 fans that might stumble across it. I find it hard to believe that you weren’t looking for this sort of reaction in the first place.

    You say that you welcome responses to your comments because because ‘most people have something useful to contribute that enlarges our knowledge; and saying “G4 are great” isn’t going to change my mind’, yet in your argument I cannot find one iota of evidence for your claims that G4 are ‘talentless’. Might I suggest that this is a tad hypocritical?

    If you want a good argument as to what makes G4 superior at what they do, I am happy to oblige. But I suspect that you actually don’t care either way anyway.

  23. I find it unbelieveable that you make this “blog” yet don’t accept opinions from other readers – THAT is narrow minded!

    I would, however, like to ask you a question. Do you think G4 are talented?

    I don’t want an answer like “yes, but so are a lot of people”, I want you to reply how you see fit.


  24. I don’t think we are trying to change your mind, if you don’t like a group then nothing is going to change that.
    The only thing we are saying is to LISTEN to MORE than just ONE song of that they have sang and you will find that G4 are a great group that they DO have TALENT that is all we are saying.

  25. Charles

    After reading your replies i am slightly shocked. The Microsoft argument does not work with G4. People don’t have to buy G4 just because they watched the programme. No doubt you will say they do as, we are being brainwashed. You also said some acts work hard to get the recognition they deserve. If you had watched more than ten minutes of the X factor you would know that each member of G4 have spent years and money into becoming the best singers they could be. They have not just stumbled into a talent show and got a record deal. Before the X factor they earnt their money busking on the streets.

    For your information the second album is already planned with some original self penned material.

    Oh nearly forgot, if you fancy maybe broadening your niave mind you may want to book a ticket on their 40 date theatre tour.

    Looking forward to reading your articles in the Independant i am sure they are well “researched”

  26. Ok not everyone is going to like them but obviously some will! everyone has their won opinions as to whether they LIKE their style or sound but there is no question about TALENT!
    how can they graduate from a highly classed music school if they dont have talent?

    In regard to your comments about them not lasting long – can you see into the future? do you have these special powers? i think the answer is likely to be no so please dont go around criticising their future when clearly no one knows for sure!
    To G4 their music is more important than anything else! they aren’t just ‘fame seeking wanabes!’ if they didn’t enter the x-factor they would still be doing music which is their lives! this, in the music industry today is so refreshing!

    Ok you dont like them but you are no way qualified to say how long they’ll last, who will like them, how successful they will be etc!

  27. First, If you write comments like this, or about anything for that matter, you’re going to get feedback, especially when you put a reply option, and when you write a negative comment like yours is then you’ve got to expect some people to get a little angry.

    Paul, I think your remark about Microsoft is a very bad example. Yes, pretty much everybody has to buy computors and Microsoft, but you don’t have to buy G4. People choose to and they probably choose to spend money on something beacause they like it and it has therefore, surely, captured their hearts.

  28. As a fellow journalist I am sickened to find you light-heartedly suggesting people are strung up on a tree just because you don’t like their music.

    I recently had to report on an inquest where a woman had hanged herself from a tree branch and the pain and suffering this caused to her family was immeasurable.

    People are entitled to their own opinions and reserve the right and freedom to judge others and criticise where appropriate. However, you have not done this.

    You have instead shown your immaturity and selfishness by making such low, disrespectful remarks based upon 90 seconds of a song.

    There is no reason to come out with such hatred over a music group because their music is not to your liking.

    The only reason why G4 fans have become so worked up is because 4 men who have brought a lot of happiness into their lives with their singing are being treated with such contempt when they have done nothing wrong.

    I suggest you consider the consequences of your actions before you post another comment again.

  29. Oh dear. So many people, so little ability to read something and not misunderstand it.
    1) Did I ever say G4 were without talent? No. Not in the original post, not in my comments. I hated what they did to that song; the fact that ‘Creep’ got played in that way on that show revolted me. If you don’t understand why, you don’t understand THE SONG. Go back and listen to the Radiohead version. Go and listen to Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ and consider why it has that name.

    X-Factor is what ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ is railing against. Using ‘Creep’ in the X-Factor is piling on the vileness *by the record companies*. Try reading what I wrote.

    Nicola, what on *earth* do you mean by “People are entitled to their own opinions and reserve the right and freedom to judge others and criticise where appropriate” and then adding “However, you have not done this.” How is one to know what ‘appropriate’ is then??? Who decides? Are you going to overlook my blog posts? I hope you don’t have much else to do.

    My jibe about necktie parties, OK, could be considered insensitive (hey, I’m sounding like Ken Livingstone). That’s what happens when you’re outraged: you make outrageous remarks.

    And finally, I didn’t consider that my remarks would “anger G4 fans”. When I wrote the post, offhandedly, I hadn’t even considered that there would be people who would leap angrily upon a comment about the record business to defend a group they’d not heard of a few months before.

    As I said, come back in two years. Then we’ll judge.

  30. You’re obviously very naive to the vitriol that can arise from posting something that might be construed as criticism against G4. Even the smallest perceived slight is leapt upon and the author rendered, metaphorically at least, limb from limb and dismissed as someone ‘without a clue’, often without any valid argument.

    Shame, really that they all missed the point of the original blog and with the exception of some slightly more erudite responses, has really not shown G4 fans in a particularly good light.

  31. Ok first of all I don’t like G4 but I do think they have a great amount of talent, so they didnt sing the song with the feeling that ‘Radiohead’ sang it with, but they did do a great version of it.
    But was there any need to put ‘is there a tree high enough to hang them from?’

  32. I feel I need to reply to bemused and Charles as they are probably friends


    We are not trying to metaphorically rip you from limb to limb, we are trying to persuade you that paying for a blog does not mean you can forget human decency. Wishing anyone go to a “necktie party” is harsh. You are entitled to your opinion, but it does seem strange that a group you saw perform once has driven you to such violent comments.Your replies suggest you feel you are above us all in intelligence especially the wry title of the thread making fun of us. Oh so funny. Feel better now you have picked on a few kids.

    All we ask is listen to a few more of their songs then comment. As a serious journalist i would have thought you would know not to jump to conclusions.

    Bemused, I don’t feel any of the comments reflect badly on G4 fans. They show they are passionate about a group, which i am sure you were in your youth.

  33. I’m sure Charles didn’t intend for his blog to become yet another forum for G4 fans and I’m not going to perpetuate that.

    Suffice to say I am not a friend nor have any allegience with CA, but sympathise with the personal abuse he’s suffered for daring to venture an opinion on TV reality music shows (NOT G4), albeit possibly couched in terms some might find offensive.

    If you find this acceptable then so be it….

    You Dimwit, go back to the hole that you crawled from in the first place!

  34. I have to say that I DID listen to Raidiohead’s original version of ‘Creep’ and I prefer G4’s version.

    By saying what you said, you set yourself up for a barrage of comments from angry G4 fans.

    And the reason these people are G4 fans? Just listen to their songs. There are few (probably none) bands who could sing such a wide range of music. No-one can do Queen, Disney, REM, Britney Spears (which I wasn’t keen on but they pulled it off)and many other songs and do them well. I hate it when people decide that a band who would normally sing in one genre of music are not allowed to sing anything else.

    You said ‘some search engine has either hit a fan group’ – well, yes you did, you’ve angered a lot of fans.

    “I retain the absolute right to judge folk as crap based on their appearing on (a) a talent show” Unfortunately, for many great musiciansm, this is their only way. I don’t reckon we would be seeing G4 releasing ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ if it hadn’t been for the X factor.

  35. Angelordevil..hmm, you prefer G4’s version. Well, not much I can say to that, except I completely disagree with you, and don’t think we could ever see eye to eye on musical issues. But hey, that’s all right; different folk like different stuff.

    My point, which still nobody except the disinterested commenters has picked up on, is that my comments were aimed at the music business. G4 are just being used. Used, used, used. The litany of artists whose songs you say they’re covering proves it.

    Did I anger a lot of fans? Big deal. As I’ve said, I had no idea they had any fans. And the fans are missing the point. You’re having this stuff pushed down your gullet and told it’s good. Why not quack? You’re the human foie gras.

    Go read the lyrics of XTC’s “Funk Pop a Roll” (go on, I’ll wait). Then consider buying the song, or at least hearing it. Andy Partridge’s howl, on the last track of an album he was being forced to make by the record company, might get to you. Maybe one day G4 will howl like that, but you won’t hear it on a record.

    Oh, and finally. For God’s sake, are you people seriously thinking I was advocating the public hanging of these singers? I was about as serious as they are. Oh, no, hang on, you think *they are* serious. Uh huh.

  36. Ahh, G4. Psuedo-opera for people who can’t understand opera. And pseudo-talent for people who wouldn’t spot talent if it slapped them in the face. And a waste of space. And so much vitriol, bad spelling and incorrect grammatical constructs from their fans. They must have trouble seeing the keyboard from under their fake burberry baseball caps.

    The fact that the spelling mistakes where caused by people having problems typing because they’ve spent all day dragging their knuckles on the ground never entered my thoughts.

  37. Steve, if I may take a moment out to edit your post, as you criticise others; there is no such word as’ifit’, and ‘where’ should be spelt ‘were’. A minor point, but that irritates me too.
    I would just like to say that I am not a naive teenager.I agree with the point made regarding manipulation of the music industry and manufactured “teen idols” and rarely watch these talent shows. In the case of G4 I happened to catch their audition while flicking channels and was astonished to hear such beautiful voices on that kind of programme. So I wouldn’t say that I have been caught up by the feverish nature of such shows, I’m far too cynical for that. I think what has upset people are the unnecessary and unkind remarks directed specifically at G4, rather than to the contestants as a whole, in support of the prime argument. You don’t have to like them but you might have expected this response generated by the unfair critisism.

  38. If you don’t like the singing, don’t watch it.

    If you don’t like the blog, don’t read it.

    Certainly don’t waste time suggesting that they produce “music”.

  39. “If you don’t like the singing don’t watch it”? Ok, that made me laugh. I think that some rather harsh comments have been made against a very talented group. Fine, a lot of people don’t like the style of G4, so what? There are more than enough bands that I hate in the world, but I don’t go around making rather pathetic comments about them, I, unlike you, understand that no matter how bad a group is in my opinion, there will always be a lot of people who love it. Yes, you are entitled to your opinions too, but I feel that you would have got a lot less negative feedback if you had taken the time and effort to research the group you were going to insult, people are more angry that you watched a 90 second clip of a song and decided to condemn the group simply because you didn’t like that one song. And don’t bother trying to insult G4 fans simply because they watch talent shows (though I admit there is normally little talent on them) and happen to love G4. It does not make us a bunch of idiots with barely a braincell between us. We are passionate about G4 because we love their style, not because they are going to be extremely famous and extremely rich, or because they were on a popular talent show. We do appreciate other people’s opinions, but would prefer them to be kept to themselves, we are only replying negatively because you made an accusation with no proper research to back it up. We aren’t trying to convert you (though if we did it would be a bonus), we’re trying to stop you from ever making stupid comments like that again. I would also like to point out that I have not insulted you or your intelligence in this post like you have in your previous ones, I am merely making a suggestion.

  40. The fact remains that he, like you is entitled to his opinion, what sort of fan are you if your unable to accept that people may dislike your taste. Does it really ruin your listening pleasure reading critisim? This is a crass show with crass put-downs dolled out by the panel, why can’t you accept this from a blog? I think the post made some intresting points. Radioheads spirit was totally lost in their version and it was embarassment to have seen it.

  41. Bemused, You say “If you find this acceptable then so be it….You Dimwit, go back to the hole that you crawled from in the first place!”

    Well now after time to read the whole blog again, no I don’t think it was acceptable for me to write this. But you must realise when people say unnessesary things like: “Is there a tree high enough to hang them from”, then you are bound to get hot headed about it, so for this I appologise. However I don’t change my views.

    Steve’s, You say “Ahh, G4. Psuedo-opera for people who can’t understand opera.” Well I’m sorry Steve but tell me this, WHO SAID G4 WERE OPERA IN THE FIRST PLACE? I know I didn’t as I classed them as ‘popera’. Yes they may cover operatic style songs and are operaticly trained but but they also sing POP songs hense their genre given to them by the media. As I said in an earlier post, I did not like opera before hearing G4 but now I regularly listen to it. You also mention that us G4 fans (who apparently cannot type for our Burberry caps) would not be able to spot tallent if it hit us in the face, well we could say the same about you (but I won’t). George Michael, Elton John, Whitney, Scissor Sisters, Will Young, Queen, Marvin Gaye…shall I stop yet?

    Mike. Yes I agree everyone IS entitled to their opinion, you may not like my tastes and I may not like yours, but generally I have a wide musical taste and like everything from Classical to Pop, Dance to Jazz, Country to R’n’B and from Rock to Disco – I’m even partial to a bit of rat-pack. So as you can see I can certainly respect everyone’s tastes however I don’t know how you can call G4’s version of “Creep” an embarrasment as it as one of their greatest performances along with “Nessun Dorma”, “Circle Of Life” and “Bohemium Rhapsody”.

  42. Firephoenix says “I feel that you would have got a lot less negative feedback if you had taken the time and effort to research the group you were going to insult”

    I feel that you would understand my point of view if you actually followed the links to song lyrics and considered the points about songs like Smells Like Teen Spirit that I’ve made.

    However you clearly haven’t. Well, go and read them now.

    Craig, you too, please. I bet you don’t even know how *threatening* an aria Nessun Dorma actually is. “Ooh, I like the tune,” you say. The meaning of the title? “None shall sleep”. Any idea why it’s called that? I expect not. Why not find out, rather than being so passive?

  43. Just a quick note on spelling (e.g. Response number 14 from Susieroe – it’s The Independent not The Independant. The spelling on here is quite special – what has happened to everybody?

  44. Pop music would be nowhere without the politics of the playground! But then I’m a crusty old fart who remembers the glory days of Smash Hits and Clash-era NME, and the shamefully suppressed Saffron Walden Riots when the Bay City RRRRollers took on Osmonds New Model Army in a bitter three-day battle that left that charming town in smoking ruins.

    Personally, I think it’s all been downhill since The Archies. Now there was a band who successfully shaped the diaphanous aesthetics of common time di-melodic variation intrinsic in pop music into the shadowy beast of directed perception which lies at the heart of the genre’s accreted gestalt consciousness. And a great bass hook, too.

    Rupert von Volestrangler

  45. to the person who wrote that…..are you deaf…you can stick your comment where the sun dont shine, g4 are the most talented act to come out recently….what a weirdo you are!

  46. now now there is no need to be spitful, who cares if you hate G4 lots of people love them so if you have a problem with that keep it too yourself and if you really had to say something about them then atleast keep it resonable for example insted of saying “And then they came on, four blokes in suits, and do Radiohead’s ‘Creep’ – an anthem of disaffected rage and alienation. In cod-opera voices. Sure, pop will eat itself, but it would be nice if it weren’t force-fed.” you could change the wording to ” and then came on four boys in suits, they sang radiohead’s ‘creep’ in and opera style.”

    after all why does it have to be so rude? that way you can keep devoted fans like me and the others that have posted happy and there is no need for the war. i mean i dont like Steve Brookstein but still i dont go saying nasty things about him… did you like him?

    and also if you hated the program so much you could of always turned over the channel to strictly come dancing, that way you can watch people doing miraculas moves across the floor without having to hear G4. i guess its probably anouther program for you to critise

    excuse my spelling, not every one is perfect.

  47. Jodi, you simply don’t get it. Though I love your trying to use “weirdo” as an insult. Hmm, how does the chorus of Creep go? “‘Cause I’m a creep… I’m a weirdo…'” So I’m closer to the meaning of the song than G4? Excellent.

    Moonlight (not Captain, I guess) if I’d written what you suggested it wouldn’t have had the rage I felt. Oh, hang on, you find rage a bit frightening, a bit challenging; you like your music to pretend to be sweet. Read my earlier comments; go read the lyrics of XTC’s Funk-Pop-a-Roll. Try to wrap your head around what I got angry about.

    I don’t care about “devoted fans like you”. You’re misguided. I’m not seeking a war; I’m expressing my opinion. There’s no war, because you’re not going to persuade me they’re worth listening to. (New post coming up on that; watch the blog!) Thus you can’t win.

    Steve Brookstein? Disposable. Two years from now they’ll be doing “Where are they now?” on him too. Michelle McManus must be due one pretty soon.

    I don’t care for Strictly Come Dancing either. I happened to see a tiny part of the X-Factor, accidentally. I had no interest in the series. And seeing those guys murdering that song – you still don’t get why I consider it murder, either, I know – just strengthened that view.

  48. Could I just take this opportunity to say that I alos hate G4? Yes? Okay, done.

  49. i love g4 there great

  50. I think you mean: “I lurve G4. They grate.”

  51. Hi

    Just to add my own thoughts.

    I have to admit to not really liking G4 throughout the X-Factor series, although I could appreciate their vocal tallent, just wasn’t my cup of tea.

    However, I went to see the X-Factor concert last night at the NEC Birmingham and, guess what? G4 were stunningly good, as were Tabby and Voices With Soul.

    To see my review of the whole show go to…


    Feel free to leave comments of your own there.


  53. i am so happy to see somebody has reproduced this song with CLEAN lyrics, i was absolutely appalled to read the radio head lyrics to the song creep, absolutely appalled, too many songs have rude words thesedays, i now cannot allow the radio turned on on the school run but when the i hear g4, i turn it up loud, no matter who is around! i can trust those 4 nice young men. G4 u rock!!!!!ILOVE YOU GUYS

  54. Which, Lynne, only goes to prove that you’ve got no idea of the history of the song. Radiohead broke America with that song. Do you think they could have got any radio play with a lead-in to the chorus which went “You’re so fucking special…”? Nope, the version for the radio which they did (teeth gritted, I suspect) went “You’re so very special…”

    Playing G4 on the school run? Give me Jay-Z’s radio version of “99 Problems” any day. It’s got so many words blanked out that it sounds like he’s singing in Morse code. But a *fantastic* riff.

    Anyway, which radio station plays G4, for heaven’s sake? All I get on the school run is Chris Moyles talking, talking, forever talking.

  55. I wonder how old Lynne’s kids are? Just wait til they learn the rude words, Lynne (happened at my school when we were about 8). Then you can play whatever you like :)

    Sorry, I’m merely contributing to the off-topic blithering. But I felt left out! I read this blog every day, and there were 54 comments here without me!

    If you think you’ve got it bad, Charlie A, check this out:

  56. Oh no. Swearing in a song. A song where the singer feels like a pathetic outsider, is railing against life and is fiercely, gut-wrenchingly anguished about it all. But of course he won’t swear, and in fact may perform the song in angelic 4-part harmony just to get his point across.

  57. Best version of Creep I’ve ever heard, previous versions all missed out on the full
    interpretation of the tune. They emphasis the hooks in this one, very well done.

  58. I absolutely adore G4 and as for the first comment from Charles or whoever he can shove it up his arse!!!!

    [Charles – who writes the blog – responds: it’s so tempting just to respond in the same vein.
    But I’ll relax, bearing in mind the Chinese proverb: if you sit long enough by the river the bodies of all your enemies will float by.]

  59. I tottaly disagree that G4s Creep is rubbish!! I think its sophisticated and has alot of feeling in it! The front man Jonathan (Blonde and gorgeous) sings it perfectly and the harmonies in the background from Matt, Ben and Mike go really well!!!!

  60. Oh yea and get over urself m8 if u watched the X Factor in full u wud realise thay av talent! Just cos u ant aint got no talent u dont av 2 sit there and moan!!!!!! U self-centred pig. I am outraged by ur snide and unwanted comments. Go and get a life cos u obviously dont have one u sad idiot

  61. oh yea and u are not even m8

  62. G4 HAVE A PLATINUM SELLING ALBUM IN LESS THAN TWO WEEKS YEA!! ‘oh they have no talent at all sellin all those album copies’ DUH!!!

  63. This is hugely depressing. I can’t believe the sheer amount of people that have managed to miss Charles’ point. Creep was a song written by Thom Yorke, who also sung it, about a particular moment in his life. It had conviction, it summed up the way he felt at the time – he wasn’t “so fucking special”, and that sentiment was from his heart, not from some strange desire to offend cretins. Radiohead perform Creep very rarely these days, as they don’t identify with the song any more. Contrast with Green Day, and the mock-woe of Boulevard of Broken Dreams – a multi-million selling album and a career in music stretching 20 years is certainly not a broken bloody dream! However, as I said, Radiohead have managed to avoid this kind of hypocrisy.

    So to see a song so full of feelings, so “of the moment”, as Creep being performed in a sanitised version by four technically accomplished but essentially characterless young men is enough to make anyone who loved the original song – anyone who loves what music really stands for – very angry. That’s why I dislike G4 – not because they can’t sing, but because of what they stand for. I only hope that their lack of real emotional impact means that they will depart from our living rooms as soon as possible.

  64. I had written a very long comment on this, but I posted it all wrong. So here’s a short precis of it:

    These comments are hugely depressing. Music should have soul.

  65. G4 are da best!!!!!

    Saturday 12 March 2005 at 5:46 pm

    Get a life u freek!

  66. OK, a new comments policy for this post: if you haven’t read the points I’ve actually made, and if your comment doesn’t respond to them, then your comment will get deleted. I’ll delete them, because it’s my blog.

    The comments are meant to be a forum where one engages with what’s been said. So lots of you think you like G4? I’ve given counterarguments to explain why I think G4 are a passing fad – no matter how many their much-advertised album has sold (did you know the cost of the TV adverts comes out of what they’ll get paid? so they’ll probably end up owing the record company money).

    I’ve said that you should come back in two years and then we’ll see. In the meantime shall we count the number of disappeared stars from Pop Idol, Popstars, and so on? Let’s see – Hear’Say, Michelle McManus (last entry on her diary at http://www.michelleofficial.co.uk/diary.php is from July 2 2004 – ooh, that’s a star with staying power, eh). I could go on, but I’ll leave that to others.

    Once again: read what’s been written, respond intelligently, or get deleted.

  67. I’m rather concerned about your opening line

    rather concerned about your opening line

    (I’ve watched part of one episode – the last – of “The X-Factor”)

    Because you then decided that you didn’t like G4’s version of Creep, and obviously decided that you didn’t like G4 – decision making completed!

    Most people might have been prepared to give them one more chance!


    Two men in a bar. One asks the other “Would you like a Brandy?” and gets the reply “No, tried it once and didn’t like it”.

    He then asks “Have you tried the Steak Pie they do here for lunch?” and gets the reply “Only once and didn’t like it”.

    After a pause the man asks “How many children have you got?” and the reply is “Just the one…. “


    And just in case you’re really even remotely interested in someone else’s opinion –

    I like BOTH versions of Creep and can listen to them one after the other, either way round,

    without feeling that RADIOHEAD made a better original or that G4 made a better copy.

    Perhaps that just makes me the odd one – who knows!

  68. You read my opening line, then didn’t bother to read the content of the post – about pop eating itself, and being force-fed. And you didn’t read the many responses I’ve made to the shallow people who like the sugar feed of this rubbish created-to-be-dropped-by-the-label group.

    I’d say that your “joke” (it’s not – you messed up the punchline) is on you. And since you wrote it in Microsoft Word before exporting it to HTML and then pasting it in, the joke is doubly on you for having taken so much care over such a pointless exercise. Kind of like… but no, that would be too easy.

    Am I interested in your opinion? I’m not, really. As I said above, but you ignored, I’d like one, just ONE, of G4’s dim-bulb proponents to put forward a coherent argument, or even example, that will show that my challenge – “come back in two years and let’s see if they’re still going” – is going to be proven wrong.

  69. Just a thought, if G4 are really as incredibly talented as their fans believe they are, why didn’t they stick with classical music? Classical music is mostly interpretations of existing material, so shouldn’t this suit them just fine? Could it be that they’re not good enough to make it in the classical market…
    In my opinion pop music is all about musicians writing new songs. I doubt that there are any new songs on G4’s album or that they have written any songs themselves, but I could be wrong as I haven’t listened (and probably never will listen) to their album.
    I don’t dislike cover versions (my personal favourite is the Lemonhead’s version of “Mrs Robinson”, but it is unlikely that any G4 fan has ever heard it, as the Lemonheads never appeared on the X-factor (or any other show with Simon Cowell)), but there are some songs, which shouldn’t be touched. I don’t think G4 have any idea what “Creep” is all about, just like All Saints didn’t have a clue what “Under the Bridge” is about, but decided to murder it anyway!

  70. g4 are brillinat i really like them and i think they will go far
    [Mandy, you’re a prat and you can’t read. Plus you’re wrong to boot – CA]

  71. I love G4 i voted for them every week it was obvious they should have won and not steve. Whoever wrote that crap at the beginning should have watched the show before making your sh*t comments.
    [Hannah – you’re a twit! You can’t read and you have no mental faculties at all, which seems to be something that marks out G4 fans, who make Vicky Pollard look like Einstein – CA]

  72. g4 are the best group around. they have exellent voices and really good looks . G4 ROCK BIG TIME

    [Bryony, it’s amazing that you can spell your own name. You’re just more evidence that this group won’t last: if how they sound singing other peoples’ songs and how they look (the latter works well on radio, hmm?) is all there is, then there isn’t anything. The clock to disappearance is ticking, and they aren’t going to be joining Dr Who either. – CA]

  73. g4 are wicked and they are so cute and sexy

    [How interesting – a second post, from the person who on Saturday called themselves ‘amanda’ and posted similar dribble. I’ll start adding your IPs to the banned list if you’re not careful. – CA]

  74. Charles, I am appalled at the way you have been insulted and bullied on your own blog. You have an opinion, and so do these people who have replied on here but to stoop to name calling and hurling insults at you is totally despicable and wouldn’t be allowed on most of the forums these people go on.

  75. Completely agree with you Deelight, everyone likes different types of music, I find it very narrow minded and immature that some people cannot accept criticism of their chosen favourite act from a reality show, personally I agree with Charles’ comments. G4 fit into neither the pop or classical market, they are the mongrels of the music world

  76. I am appalled at some of the comments on here from fans of the group G4. They are offensive and immature. Not everyone likes the same music, if they did there would be no point to shows such as X Factor, if the fans of G4 who have posted on here are typical, I feel extremely sorry for the group. I am not a fan of G4, to me they do not fit into either the pop or classical market, you could call them the mongrels of the music world.

  77. Hi Charles :)

    Just found your site by pure chance. I may not agree with everything you have said, but you are entitled to your opiinion, especially on your own site. Good for you.

    I loved the X Factor and especially Steve Brookstein, You may not like Steve, but you are entitled to your opinion there also wheather I chose to agree or not.

    What really got me is I know a lot of these people from Digital Spy X Factor forum, I am Susann on DS btw. They are also members of a G4 fan site, some of them mods there would you believe ??? I couldn’t believe what colourful language they use on here, it certainly shows them in their true colours, they are demure on other sites compared to yours. they obviously think they can get away with it on here. I never realised how foul mouthed some of them could be.

    Excuse typo’s. was typing this out quick.


    I feel for you, because if you don’t like G4, then you will probably be on their internet hit list now, and they will probably jump on you at every opportunity now. One must have found your site and led the rest here. I have done the same, so here come the cavalry ;)lol

    I have been at the centre of a hate campaign on their G4 site for quite a while now, I believe for daring to say I don’t like the barber shop quartets music, lol and if I voice an opiniuon on Digi spy about G4, they descend like a pack of wolves.

    The thing is, it won’t stop me, if anything it makes me more determined.

    So here is my opinion on G4, Boys might be ok, their music mediocre. IL Divo do it much better and a lot of G4 fans are foul mouthed ( after reading their potty mouth posts ) and bad losers and if I were G4, I would feel ashamed to have them as fans.

  78. Hi Charles, I must say how disgusted at some of the comments from G4 fans on this site (I feel huge sympathy for G4 of this is typical of the majority of their fans). These “fans” must feel hugely threatened by something or someone if they have to post in G4’s defence like that. I’ve not seen such vitriol on other sites, probably because they would be banned

    I am not a fan of G4, they seem like nice ordinary boys, but I don’t feel their music fits in either the classical or pop category, you could say they are the mongrels of the music world, not one thing or the other. They are a novelty act, they may have done well with their first album on this basis, but I don’t think we will be hearing so much of them after that drops out of the charts, much the same way as their single has after two weeks.

  79. Oh right then, you do not like them I take it, not to worry mate many still do with the album still selling well.

  80. Sorry my last comment got cut off half way through. Creep well I am sure G4 can swear like the rest of us, but this as on prime time tv not the place for it, clean but image so really would not have been good for them, mind you I hate them singing it, so there you go, but as a act I think they have a lot to offer. Just the need to choose better songs, as has been said this was sung by someone at a time in his life, it meant something to him, sung now in the way G4 have sung it, means it has lost its point. The lady who does not have her radio on she ever been in her kids playground at playtime and heard THEM swearing get real! kids swear, just not to be encoureged at home or in front of grannie! Wonder how old they are, hell they could be 15!!! I do not like some songs with bad langauge, as I think it is not needed, but depends on the song! Anyway I wish G4 well, as I think they are showing huge potential to be mega artists in the future, they are young and inexperienced, unlike Steve who has been around years and years, and looks like he has as well, and never gotten anywhere til now, mind you will he now, G4 seemed to have upstaged the guy and his management moguls as well. Have to say it is very funny to sit back and see, the winner gives an award and the bell ringers drown him out, they have good taste it would seem


  81. So this message board goes the same way as so many others…first the info falls in the lap of G4 fans and they reply, stickin up for their favourite, if sometimes slightly OTT and blinkered…then the slightly slower Steve fans find the same info on the G4 site and of course have to criticise G4 because they like Steve (proof here on http://pub30.bravenet.com/forum/2503998367/show/425403, password smiler……these fans are even more blinkered and biased than any fans i have ever seen.)

    Oh, roll on the day when Steve’s album flops…lets see there reaction then!! i can’t wait!

  82. Except, “Guest”, this isn’t a message board, though I’m gradually getting inured to the fact that most of the people who abuse my good nature by putting stuff here are too dense to know the difference.

    If anyone can be bothered to read, my challenge remains: wait two years and see if either artist/band has been heard of and is still productive.

  83. No, it may not be a message board, but it has gone the same way as many others…..i actually agree with you – i doubt any of the X factor lot will be about in a few years….

    I also doubt most of the people who have posted on here will be about supporting the X Factor 1 lot…..they will have well moved on to someone else and will be pledging their undying support to them!

  84. Charles, nobody knows what is going to happen to any of the X Factor acts over the next 2 years, we can only hope that our favourites will succeed. As for “guest” at least have the decency to use a name you are known as when you go plastering my password all over the internet, or are you as bad as the rest of the G4 fans and just very bitter and still in denial that Steve won.

  85. I saw no swearing and nothing bad in that link Guest/Pennycandle. So it was quite mild and fun to read. Only people who are fed up with G4 fans always being over obnoxious and confident. Pride comes before a fall you must remember. There was no dislike of the G4 lads, no swearing, just fun jibes at some G4 fans. lol

    I for one like the G4 lads, just not most of their fans, especially the foul mouthed ones who post on Charles site.

    I am sorry if your site has been disrupted some what Charles, by the G4 fans or even by me.

    Btw way Guest/Pennycandle, you are as entitled to your opinions on Steve Brookstein, as I and Chartles even or anyone else on the site. The difference being Charles and us Steve fans psoting on here and a few others posting as well have not resorted to foul language or abuse to get our points across. Be happy :):)

    Susan xxx ( from ds and site quoted and Steve’s site and sees no reason to post in disguise , lol )

  86. Forgot to add like the G4 boys just not their bland music and voices :)

    Susan xxx

  87. G4 rock!!!! and i’m 16 and i love everything music wise from iron maiden n metallica to G4, S Club 7 and Clubbing tracks – u just don’t know talent when it hits u xxx

    [I’m a lot older than 16, and believe me, I’ve heard a lot of talent that will last – and a lot that won’t last, and a lot of not-talent. I know which G4 is. It’s not the first category. – CA]

  88. Why are some of you people writing that you love G4 and then cussing them in italic writing and brackets? [I’m doing that – Charles, owner of the blog] Don’t you think that is a little immature? [No – I consider it droit de signeur – CA] Yes, I understand that there are youngsters searching ‘G4’ in google and finding a website with a man called Charles and because he doesn’t like G4 they come and hurl abuse at him. I know that is also very immature. I am thirteen years of age and a strong supporter of G4. Some of my peers just don’t understand the point that Charles and others on the site are trying to get to. I understand the point that some of you are making but I am wondering, why don’t you give G4 a second chance? They have only just begun in the music industry. They will start to write their own songs soon and stop “ruining very innocent original songs” (I personally don’t agree with that 5 words). Anyway, what I’m saying is, let them grow. [They won’t grow, and they won’t write their own songs. Next! – CA]

  89. Also please leave them alone!! I’m trying to be reasonable here

  90. hey, i love G4 sooo much i am going to see them in concert an i wish that they had a fan club or something so that they can send me pictures, my favorite is Jonathan Ansell, he is sooo cute
    [Well that’s £15 that you, or your parents, won’t see again..]

  91. Yes Adele Jonathan is very very gorgeous, I have to agree.
    Charles why make comments in the middle of my paragraph? See that is stupid.
    They will grow you will see.
    [Why make comments in the middle of paragraphs? (1) because I can (2) because it saves putting another comment in. “They will grow”? As I’ve said, come back in two years. Slightly less, now.]

  92. Hi Charles. I’ve just skimmed through this and have to say I find it all hilarious. Agree with you totally. I’ve heard the boy band’s “Creep” twice and I couldn’t believe my ears. Talent is about interpreting a song and trying to find its meaning, which is ironic as Creep is a very personal song about isolation and to have four blokes singing it together goes against its meaning. Next I hear G4 are doing BoRap and I am appalled. I’m in a Queen covers band (as the female frontage) and there are enough covers bands slogging their way round the pub circuit without them making it into the charts.

    I also write my own stuff and I have to say it’s so depressing when people leapfrog over true talent (not necessarily mine) to break into the charts with something they didn’t write and don’t mean when they sing it, to make money for people who churn out this drivel every day and make the lion’s share of the profit.

    I wouldn’t mind teenagers liking bubblegum music if it was being made with the best intentions, but currently I think the only motive for making it is to part them from their entirely disposable income.

    Sorry for butting in on your blog, I wouldn’t blame you if you deleted all these responses, but then again, maybe they’re best left for posterity.

  93. Wow, Mester: that’s the most interesting comment of all, and possibly more insightful than the post that kicked all this off. Nice to hear from someone who’s actually out there doing it. Good luck with the original stuff.

    I love the idea of a Queen covers band with a female lead singer. So, do you only do up to A Night At The Opera then? I thought Freddie got all macho after that :-) Or do you put on a moustache? Hmm.. could work..

  94. Thanks for your praise Charles! We do everything from Seven Seas to I Want It All. I don’t do the moustache as our Brian won’t wear a wig and our John won’t wear those nasty little shorts.

    I don’t intend to hit the charts with any covers any time soon, but a record deal would be nice :-)

  95. Comment by Jake — Friday 18 March 2005 @ 9:43 pm
    I don’t dislike cover versions (my personal favourite is the Lemonhead’s version of “Mrs Robinson”, but it is unlikely that any G4 fan has ever heard it, as the Lemonheads never appeared on the X-factor (or any other show with Simon Cowell))

    I don’t quite understand what you’re saying here. Are you putting G4 fans under the stereotypical image that the only musical source that we get is from talent shows? Lemonheads’ cover of ‘Mrs Robinson’ is fantastic and that’s the only thing I can find that I agree with in your comment. Do you really feel you have to sink this low as to laugh to yourself about us? Most G4 fans are classical fans and generally very musical. Oh no, I love G4. I also love every other style of music. Get over it. To be perfectly honest with myself, G4 were great in the show, BUT I ONLY STARTED BEING A PROPER FAN WHEN THEIR ALBUM CAME OUT. Not because I jump on the talent show bandwagon every time a new star comes along. And if so, why didn’t I become a fan of Steve? G4 did not win, Steve did. So why did I go with G4? Because I found them to have talent and I could see that they put so much heart and effort into their songs and their music. Every now and then, a shiver runs down my spine when I hear them sing. And it’s rare that this ever happens to me. G4 have helped so many people – on the forums that I participate in, some people say that G4’s songs helped them come to term with loss, grief, death, especially in the song ‘To Where You Are’. Try listening to their cover of that sometime. You might be surprised.

    I know I’m dragging this up again, but I don’t see why people feel the need to be so petty. I don’t care if you like G4 or hate it, there’s always a gang of people flogging off bands and arists. The thing I don’t understand is why you have to be so horrible about it, and how nothing pleases you. You wouldn’t like G4 if they dressed in suits or wore rags. You wouldn’t like G4 if they sang opera or pop. You wouldn’t like G4 if everyone else in the world loved them. Because there always has to be some petty hater somewhere, doesn’t there?

    I just don’t understand why people are so immature about this kind of thing. I got the point of your post – you feel Radiohead’s song has been covered badly. Right, we get it. But there was no need for your one-sided snide comments.

    Thanks for reading.
    – A 14-year-old female G4 fan

  96. Personally I don’t like G4 because (1) they only do cover versions (2) they did a truly awful cover version of a favourite song of mine that knifed its meaning through the heart.

    The Lemonheads’ cover of Mrs Robinson rocks. It’s great.

    As for classical vs everything else – I’ve got all 9 Beethoven symphonies, his piano sonatas and concertos, the Bach Preludes + Fugues by Glenn Gould *and* Andras Schiff, numerous Debussy and Ravel, Sibelius, Britten… I could bore on there because it goes down some strange side alleys.

    And I’ve got a very wide collection of not-classical music, and heard a lot more. When I was 14 I thought David Bowie, T.Rex, Slade, Yes and Genesis were the ne plus ultra of what there was, though I also liked a lot of other bands, some of whom performed at Live8. (I may start a campaign for Quadrophenia to be compulsory listening in schools.)

    So believe me, when I say G4 are not worth the effort, I think I know whereof I speak. Don’t waste your time on them. Waste it on someone worth wasting it on. You could do worse than Hunky Dory and Aladdin Sane. (I’ve always thought Ziggy Stardust was overrated, to be honest.)

  97. i can’t believe this thread got resurrected! which particular lower hell in the google rankings was this found in?

    surely the point is that a turd, despite expensive polishing, smart suits, loads of ‘free’ marketing via the telly, and not a small amount of technical skill cannot overcome its basic nature.

    at the heart of the debate is the essential difference between a valid cover version and an elevator music retread.
    IMHO one way adds further life to a track through artistic interpretation, the other way is naked economic vampirisim playing on the profile of the previous version with the audience.

    that surely is simon cowell’s killer app, and he’s a very clever guy for doing it first time round with Robson and Jerome. particularly as his record company didn’t think the idea had any mileage, so he convinced them, if my memory serves me right, to let him do it with less cash up front and instead take the cap off the bonus based on sales, it made him absolutely truckloads of money.


  98. Charles – who are ‘ne plus ultra’? Not seen them in the charts lately… :D

  99. I would like to say that music should be enjoyed. Take what you want and leave what you don’t. It doesn’t always have to have meaning, ‘ brown girl in the ring ‘ by boney m, is it better or worse than the next thing? who cares. take it or leave it. Why spoil someones enjoyment by critising their choice in music? for all WE know you have a funny hair cut. would it be ok to dig you about that? G4 and steve are just doing their thing and trying to be happy. hopefully they will connect with some people.

    positive energy is a good thing. start a post about things you like. share your love not your hate.


  101. ive never seen such talant then that from G4 they should have gone all the way they deserved it as even now they have albums but what of steve he should have been slung not G4

  102. You’re right of course. G4 are shit. If people would prefer you to take three viewings to realise that rather than one, so be it.

  103. Now Bringer of Truth's # 1 fan x

    Monday 12 September 2005 at 6:26 pm

    Ok Shouldn’t laught at ‘Bringer of Truth’s’ post, but it did make me laugh, not very eloquently putbut oh so true roflmao…

  104. Hello Charles, phew what a lot of ranting! From all sides! All I did was a search for G4 on google….. I never watch any reality shows or pop contests etc so had no idea who G4 were when I went to the “Proms in the Park” in Hyde Park a few weeks ago.

    This, despite the continual drenching rain, was tremendous fun. A great night – lots of different sorts of music on stage for us including G4. I was very impressed by their wonderful voices and by the music they sang – probably more classical stuff than usual I would guess judging by the posts here. They were excellent!

    As a result and, sorry Charles, yes I have bought their album! Shame on me eh! More than that, I have to admit, I would love to go and see them live. They came across as trained singers with fine voices and real talent. I am sure you are correct in that this group of busking pals has been turned into a method of fleecing the general public by the money grubbing record companies etc, but nonetheless, they were very good.

    So while I understand your irritation about manufactured pop music, greedy business people and the loss of ground floor bands who work their way up… there are a few who do come through these tv programmes (I won’t comment on these as I do not watch them) who may well have staying power.

    Even bands who dragged themselves up through their own grit & determination may not survive as a band – however judging by all the 1980s revival tours, who is to say that in 20 years time, G4 may not be doing a Revival tour of their own?!! :-)

    And by the way – I read the Independent!

    Best wishes – I enjoyed reading the lively debate.


  105. I came on here to find out if G Four have any
    live Concerts planned can anyone inform me

  106. I must say I’m deeply disappointed in you, Charles, for lightheartedly suggesting that they should be strung up for such crimes against music. At least be serious about putting the little puppets below the ground where they belong.

  107. I saw G4 from The Albert Hall on TV & I must say I used to like them, but now I think they should first of all, instead of G4 they should be called Jon & his backing group.
    Every song is all about Jon taking the lead & his amplifiers must be at least 60 decibels above the others. When the others ARE singing you can’t hear them for Jon’s TOO LOUD & OVER THE TOP SQUEAKY voice. I feel sorry for Matt,Mike & Ben they could be good singers but they are letting themselves be shoved into the background to accommodate the over-powering JON.
    DER 21 Dec.2005

  108. Charles, you have done a great job on this blog – you are truly representing true music lovers opinions. I have read a few of these comments and i cant believe there are so many Heat readers leaving comments on your Blog. People obsessed with following Fame and Celebrity and talent show idiots like G4 should stick to their own fan sites, not comment on other peoples websites “I came on here to find out if G Four have any live Concerts planned can anyone inform me” how about in hell??!!

    G4, Hear’say, Gareth gates, Will young, and now the latest bunch of pop idiots are wasting everybodies time. It feels like television has been consigned to a spincycle of poor covers shows and pointless months of reality television. Come Dancing – now thats a reality television programme.

    No-one really cares who wins Xfactor. there are far more important things in life. it is all just record label pap and i for one will be much happier when people realise fame and celebrity is as false and pumped up as Sharon Osbournes boobs.

    now i am off to google G4 live gig tickets – i am sure there will be some student uni in bradford showcasing their fantastic talent

  109. Charles

    Thursday 22 December 2005 at 4:47 pm

    Actually I rate Will Young – he’s got a great voice, and has chosen some terrific material. But he’s smart, which does help a lot in this business. “Think I’d Better Leave Right Now” was amazing, and the video just as good. Now if he got Guy Chambers to do some songs for him..

  110. Hiya Charles,

    Since I last posted on here, I’ve seen G4 live 6 times – everytime I’ve been overwhelemed by how fantastic their voices are live. Re-reading your posts, I can completely understand where you’re coming from with your points about the modern music industry. If I’m honest, I hate almost all of it. But it’s not just reality programs that spawn such awful music. How people like Ciara get record contracts is beyond me. That song of her’s sounds like a car alarm going off.. However, I don’t think that G4 are like this. I understand what you were saying about Creep and I doubt they can relate to it to the extent that it was written. But I’m sure they’ve all had times where they’ve not felt ‘so fucking special’ or ‘so very special’, as they sing. ‘Creep’ is a fantastic song I really think they’ve done justice to it. A brilliant one live too.

    Der – I’m sorry that you were disapointed with their tour. I personally felt that it showed that it wasn’t Jon and Backing Singers, particularly with the solos section. Ben, Matt and Mike are fantastic singers – the cheer that Matt recieves after singing his incredibly low line in Jerusalem is a dead cert everytime they perform it. It is a shame that they’re voices aren’t always used to their full potential. I’m hoping that this will all change with the third album, which should come about after the terrific sales of the most reccent album.

    What did upset me is that people don’t seem to think G4 fans know or appreciate anything about ‘real’ music. It really is the complete opposite. I, for one listen to a huge variety of music. Just this morning I listened to the first half of La Boheme, proceded by Athlete, The Beatles, Lesley Garret and then G4 – and NOTHING irratates me more than some of the music topping the charts. Seriously, it makes my ears bleed.. As a keen pianist, I even plan to study music once I’ve finished school. We like G4 for their talent – not because ‘we fink they iz hott’ or because we’re being brainwashed by programs like The X Factor.

    Charles – I reccomend you listen to G4’s version of ‘Barcelona’, where they’re joined by Lesley Garrett. The original is a classic but they do it really excellantly. Lesley is a fantastic soprano too. Hope you enjoy it!

    Well… I’ll get off my soapbox now..
    Hope you’ve had a nice christmas.

  111. sorry couldn’t resist.

    from Charles’s sister paper, the Observer, and its Music Monthly magazine, under the title “The ten worst-ever pop stars” I wonder who is at Number 8?

    “8. G4

    Robin Gibb, Sir Cliff and Lesley Garrett turned up as guests on last year’s G4 and Friends album . This meant that G4’s members could each claim less than one friend each. This is what happens if you look like you are pooing when you sing.”

  112. Haven’t been on here in a while. Will bless ya, your post made me laugh :) And they do look like they are pooing when they sing, lol.They walk like rigor mortis is about to set in.

  113. omg how can u say x factor and jon were pretty bad id like to see u sing but then agen id rather c people with actual talent thanks……

  114. you are gay g4 are well good and i don’t think they look like they poo when they sing i love them loads and i don’t like g4 haters.they are the best so don’t call them

  115. In answer to your original blog, there is no tree high enough to hang them!! I was as outraged as you even though it happened ages ago now, but still, what they did was sacrilegious!!!!

  116. “you are gay g4 are well good and i don’t think they look like they poo when they sing”

    Man, that is gold. I want that on a t-shirt.

  117. G4 are the most terrible, repugnant, musically inept, creatively bereft group I have ever seen. Apart from the uncomfortable homo-erotic element to their mundane, cheesy, yet pompous performances they take classic songs such as ‘Yellow’ and ‘Creep’, packed with raw emotion intent and relegate them to over produced grandma / housewife fodder. They live in a world where The Beatles never existed and Andrew Lloyd Webber created pop music.

    And also, G4 should remember in order to create an album ‘with friends’ – they need to actually have some friends. Lesley Garrett? Robin Gibb? Cliff Richard? There will be a more credible line up on ‘I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here 17’

  118. G4 are soo good. u g4 haters need ur heads testing if u think they are crap. And their album g4 and friends is great. They may only have 3 other people on it but that way u get to hear their lush voices and not be overpowered by anyone else. Just because u dnt like them doesnt mean that other people dnt. There are loads of people who love G4(i’m one of the millions). And there version of My way is beautiful!!!!!

  119. In reply to your original blog, and anyone out there who is stupid enough NOT to like G4, you really need to get a hearing aid. OK, I appreciate they may not float you boat, butter your crumpet, be your cup of tea, however you want to put it, but you can’t deny the fact that they are fantastic singers. And here we are, 2 years on from Xfactor and they’re still going strong. If you still thik they’re rubbish (you’re stupid if you do) then I’d like to see you try better. Go on! I’ll look out for you when you release your second album, and I’ll be sure to slag you off on my website!

  120. Charles

    Saturday 20 May 2006 at 9:12 pm

    In reply to your original blog, and anyone out there who is stupid enough NOT to like G4, you really need to get a hearing aid.

    Ooh, Sasha, what an extraordinarily tin-eared piece of advice considering other content on this blog.

    We’re not two years on from the posting date yet. As the Chinese proverb says, “Sit by the river for long enough and all the bodies of your enemies will float by.” Operative verb: sit.

    My second album? Before that, I’ll wait for G4’s articles on the causes of the BSE epidemic and its implications for humans. And of course their much-awaited technology columns.

  121. Just got back from G4 gig in Sheffield. There are many opinions out there. G4 are certainly talented, and judging by the folks there, they appeal to a wide audience of all ages. Everyone has their favourite style and sometimes its just good for you to listen and try to appreciate the music for what it is. Afterall it is meant to be an expression of the soul. Originality aside, if you can take a song of one genre and successfully interpret it in another way it shows you not only have talent but a broader way of thinking and expressing yourself. G4 arent my favourite group but they certainly entertain people. Thats important. I think the closed minded people who have only negative things to say are in a minority.

  122. I took my son aged 10 to Blackpool in 2005 for the G4 concert, he moaned to start with as their singing is not his cup of tea. However within 10 minutes we has hooked by their voices and style and as a result joined the amateur operatic society I belong to. This year he accompanied me again and wanted to copy their dress style so in a black suit and shirt and tie he had a marvelous time in a grand opera house and behaved like a gentleman. He is even more keen on all types of music and has started listening to opera. G4 can’t be that bad if they have influence on a young boy who now thinks it’s cool to look smart and enjoy music. G4 perform with a live band not to backing tracks as many others do and certainly have passion. Their version of Yellow makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck. Long may they continue to entertain.

  123. I have been to see G 4 in concert at every opportunity I get and I think they are abbsolutly fantastic.at the last concert I took my teebage son with me and he was completly overwhelmed by them by the end of the night he asked me when the next concert was. I have put there songs on my MP3 player which I have now lost to him. When they perform they get everone involved they dont need all these backing tracks to help them or to mime to everything there voices say it all. Give me G 4 anyday

  124. Come back in two years you said.
    Well that was 18 months ago so we are three-quarters of the way to your review date and having just found this blog I thought it was time for an update.
    The brilliantly talented G4 have released 2 successful albums and a single, they have had 2 sellout tours, have made countless TV appearances, guested at ‘Proms in the Park’ last year, performed at a number of proms concerts this year as well as making numerous live appearances up and down the country. Oh, and I nearly forgot, they are currently working on their THIRD album which will be released later this year.
    Not bad going for the runners-up in a tv ‘talent’ show huh!

  125. Charles

    Monday 21 August 2006 at 1:50 pm

    Yeah, but am I bovvered? Does my face look bovvered?

    Six months is plenty of time. Popbitch just reported that The Darkness has been dropped.

    Meanwhile one must praise Katie Melua for breaking free of Michael Batt’s um, guidance long enough to describe the audience of Il Divo (the mirror image version of G4, or perhaps it’s vice-versa) as “wanking housewives”. Nice one, Katie, though I still hate your album, I’m afraid. Well, no, it’s not as strong as hate. I blank your album.

    Oh dear, I’m going to have the Melua fans on here now.

  126. Oh for goodness sake some of you more obbsessive G4 fanss. Not everyone is going to like G4 just because a few of you do. G4 don’t seem to be doing so much nowadays and even used a charity do to promote themselves into the bargain imho. You don’t hear half as much about them now now. Some of their fans have deserted them. Their 2nd album got bad reviews mostly and didn’t sell anywhere near as well as their first, even though they enlisted help from some friends, lol. Their last charted single did rubbish. And let’s see how well the third album is going to do, now their novelty is waning.

    Accept that some find G4 rubbish with bad harmonising, which if some of you used your supposedly toned ears you would hear for yourselves. The sun does not shine out of their behinds.

    As for you iolanthe, good for your son to be inspired that is a good thing, but hey, let’s not get carried away here. Many groups and singers inspire many a youngster, so it’s not unique.

    I like Steve Brookstein and can accept not everyone will. I have seen many an anti Steve thread started up for no reason on G4 sites. Get stuff in perceprective some of you and respect this is Charles blog not yours.

    For Steve Brookstein fans still around on here :) Steve has a tour in October and a myspace with some clips of the songs from his forthcoming album due for release early October and a single out 18th September :)


  127. C..
    Just caught up on this thread again as a) X Dribble is once again polluting the airwaves and b) saw it was back on the recent comments part of the site. Cannot believe someone told you to get a hearing aid. What the…

  128. TO put this all in perspective, disappointingly, Steve B’s tour of minor venues somehow didn’t seem to be as successful as was hoped, playing to almost empty auditoriums in places. His single “Fighting Butterfies” didn’t get into the Top 100, and his 2nd album 40,000 Things didn’t make the Offical top 75, despite being released in a “quiet” week. Given that Steve has not had the backing of a major record company and the accompanying PR, he’s still in there with a fighting chance!

    As stated by someone else, G4’s 2nd album, released during the notoriously manic Christmas period didn’t reach No. 1 on the Official Charts, unlike their first one (now triple platinum and still selling). However, it DID reach No. 6 and went platinum, behind major international recording stars such as Madonna, The Darkness, Eminem, Take That and Will Young, having led the race all week. The difference in album sales between Madonna (No 1) and G4 was a mere 1,500! Sales of their album would have assured them a No. 1 spot had they released the album at any other time of the year. It subsequently re-entered the charts in January this year in the top 75. Their 2nd sellout tour earlier this year was a stadium tour, and they are about to embark on a Cathedral tour, and are already planning a major tour for 2007.

    Both acts are therefore still around, 2 years down the line, despite the doom and gloom merchants, and their respective fans will vouch for their success.

    X-Factor Series 2 winner, Shane Ward, is enjoying mixed fortunes, less than a year later. Nodules on his vocal cords have meant he has been unable to do public performances. His debut album was released overseas, where he is popular in countries such as South Africa. It is due to be re-released in this country shortly. Hopefully it will be more successful 2nd time around. He has a tour planned for early 2007, for many of the same venues G4 performed in this year.

    So, despite some scathing comments, it seems that shows such X-Factor do give great exposure to artists who might not have had the opportunity otherwise. Good luck for the future to all three artists, and here’s to this year’s winner (hopefully, it will be Ben).

    Charles, thank you for letting us hijack your blog, and for starting this whole thread with your remarks!

  129. Just finished listening to G4 being interviewed on Classic FM. Decided to see where they are performing. Ended up on this site. I see you go back to 2004 predicting they won’t be around in two years. Can I send you a hat to consume.

  130. Ha bloody Ha…..2 yrs down the line and the superb G4 are still here and onto a third album
    that will with no doubt be successful EAT YOUR F**CKING WORDS PRATT going back to your very first comments about them if you hung all the sales of thier CD,s in the top of the highest
    tree them you would have no eyes left cos the reflections from the glittering CD,s would burn your arse to an ash…..oh and keep your f**cking blog cause I wont be posting on here again incase I catch something

  131. Well well well, look what i stumbled into! One blog entry saying they hatted G4 and 200 odd comments praising them… G4 are the best thing to have come out of any of these shows. The only other artist that has come far is Will Young. G4 can do no wrong, they just get stronger and stronger, and it seems i am not the only one in the world who thinks that! These boys have talent coming out of their yazoo!

    Paul Wooding said on Feb 15th
    People who ‘love’ G4 are buying into the short term, disposable-content mindset that is a cancer on modern society.

    I’ve loved them from the beggining as have thousands of others, we’ve bought their albums, been to their concerts, seen them on public appearences and supported them in marathons! Face it G4 haters….they are here to stay. They love their music, they love performing and they are not just a manufactured boyband.

  132. i think that ray and leona are brilliant i love thm it has been a great x factor this year .merry christmas and a happy new year every bodddddyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  133. i love the x factor merry christmas and a happy new year

  134. who do you think will win

  135. i say that leona and ray should get together and have an act and sing songs together they hav tripple number 1nz merry christmas and a happy hew year everybody in the whole wide world xxxxxxxxxxxxxx!!!!!!!!!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxx!!!!!!!!!!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  136. pray for every 1 in the world for chfristmas

  137. Page 9, Daily Mail, 05.04.07.

    G4. RIP.

  138. G4 may be splitting up but they have lasted 3 years and we’ll never 4get them. They aren’t splittin up cos people dnt like them its cos they argue so it still dnt mean they are crap. Dnt 4get u did only watch one episode- the last one -so u cant really judge them.
    RIP G4
    We’ll love + remember u 4eva

  139. Charles

    Saturday 7 April 2007 at 10:44 pm

    Gemma, I think you’re right on every point, except I’d argue that they weren’t much good.

    After all, The Police split up because they couldn’t get on, but they gave us, er, well, Roxanne – everyone’s favourite impossible karaoke – and Walking On The Moon. Though they also bequeathed us Sting’s solo career, so maybe it’s just as well they are getting back together. G4 in 2014, maybe. On the moon.

  140. Nice one Charles, you were totally 100% spot on about G4. A totally miss-mashed wall of noise, without talent or harmony to any degree.

    You only have to compare them to , say, The Three Tenors to see what an absolute load of sh*te G4 are (were?).

  141. If they are so rubbish Matt then how coe they have lasted so long and if they are as rubbish as u think they are then why have they not been dropped by their record company??????? Just because a handful of people don’t like them doesn’t mean they are “a totally miss-mashed wall of noise without talent or harmony”. And who knows they may come back with 4 solo careers so we might not have heard the last of G4.

  142. Just because you fancy them, it does not mean that they are any good. Mr blobby got to no.1, does that make him good?.

    A “Handful” of people don’t like them you say….if so many do, then why have they split due to poor sales?.

    Please little girl, save your ramblings. You never know, you might just one day get around to cleaning the wax out of your ears!

  143. I can’t believe that you’re still so hung up over this nearly 3 years after you wrote this!

    Obviously don’t have anything better to do . . . or write

    If you showed us respect, we’d give it back

    You don’t like G4, end of *yawn* trust me, we don’t care about your narrow minded and abusive replies (what kind of a journalist are you, who can’t reply without belittling the poster?!)

    You say you’re older, fine, then act it

    RIP G4, 3 SUCCESSFUL years in the bag, good luck to Jon, Mike, Ben and Matt :D

  144. Charles

    Saturday 11 August 2007 at 10:40 pm

    Who says *I’m* hung up over it? Geez, literacy today.

  145. Haven’t been on this site in a while. It seems to have been invaded by a minority of G4 or should that be G4nomore fans with nothing better to do or to listen to than their fallen idols, lol.

    So funny that they have split up. Thank goodness no more of Gbore.

  146. Now that Radiohead have released another album, do you think we could persuade G4 to get back together and do a cover of 15 Step?

    If only I’d thought of this a month ago, we could have swung it for Children In Need. Thom could have accompanied them on tambourine.

  147. Well Said G4Lover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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