…and a last word (for now) on link spamming

The Register’s latest letters bag has some people who are angry about link spamming. Very angry. And who would like me to give up the person’s name I spoke to so they can visit some anger upon them, in the manner of Samuel L Jackson in Pulp Fiction.

First: sure, link spam is annoying, to say the least. I too have better things to do than delete spam about p*ker. I’d prefer to throw this blog open to comments from people who want to comment on its content from all over. But – can’t. That’s how it is. To win a battle (or a war) you have to understand your opponent’s mind. To them, it’s nothing personal; it’s just money.

Second: I’m really, really not going to go back on what journalism should be about, which is revealing the stories of people who should be heard and keeping any promises made to them along the way that enabled those stories to be told, just so some people with anger-management issues can get emotionally incontinent.

Now let’s move on.


  1. I wish there was some blogging software – and not just big portal packages like Drupal, PHPnuke etc. – that allowed readers to register before they could post comments. I have a MT blog and at one point I made it necessary for commenters to use TypeKey in order to comment without moderation. But some people said they couldn’t use it, and it killed off the life on the blog. Nowadays I make fairly regular trips to the nearest computer, in order to get rid of any spam. It’s frustrating, but at least there’s somewhere in London now (other than home) where it’s free. I’m not sure if the guys at WordPress have this feature in version 1.5 which is in beta now, so I hear.

  2. WordPress already has a feature where you can make people register before they can post comments. But I thought it’s better to let people just post – that’s how I like to use other blogs. The problem is that it works too for link spammers.

    But the answer to that is just better anti-spam stuff which can deal with trackbacks too. I’ll sort that out pretty soon and have trackbacks back on too.

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