DateWednesday 9 February 2005

How does porn get on your machine? Well…

I think that this story –
Teachers cleared in school porn probe
– provides the most convincing reason for not letting Windows machines be used on internet-connected networks in schools. Keeping machines locked down is hard enough for most businesses, even large ones. A school hasn’t a chance.

Mac mini: my review at The Independent

Having noodled around with a Mac mini for nearly a week, I’ve written a review for The Independent. I’ve also looked at iWork, which I think is terrific value for £49.

Sample paragraph: “After the success of the iPod, the Mac mini has to sell itself not on the basis of performing all Windows functions better than Microsoft does, but with a few specific improvements. On this it scores highly.”

If I have a quibble – and I do – it’s this: in my original copy my first sentence read “One’s first reaction to seeing the Mac mini face to fascia is: surely you can’t get a whole computer in that?”

In the paper, “fascia” has been turned to face. Was I being insufferably twee? Or showing an elegant turn of phrase? Or both? Your verdict please.

Media: my pick of the “10 best blogs”

Some might argue that choosing the ten best blogs is like choosing the ten best snowflakes, but even so that’s the task I’ve tackled over on The Independent’s media pages.

Sadly there wasn’t room for the introduction, where I suggested that the real use of each of these is to provide a jumping-off point to further information; follow the links on each one and eventually you’ll land on something that’s absolutely perfect. And then of course you grab the RSS feed, put it into your aggregator… and you’re away.