Media: my pick of the “10 best blogs”

Some might argue that choosing the ten best blogs is like choosing the ten best snowflakes, but even so that’s the task I’ve tackled over on The Independent’s media pages.

Sadly there wasn’t room for the introduction, where I suggested that the real use of each of these is to provide a jumping-off point to further information; follow the links on each one and eventually you’ll land on something that’s absolutely perfect. And then of course you grab the RSS feed, put it into your aggregator… and you’re away.


  1. nitpick: is not *only* written by Cory. One reason it’s got so much there is that it’s a collaborative among several writers. I’m not sure who they all are, but Mark Frauenfelder, who definitely is one of them, is pretty well known (Wired,, etc.)


  2. Hmmm, not convinced by your picks there at all (and of course you clearly missed the best one of all:-) ). Boing Boing and memepool can be pretty dull and stale these days – BB particular seems to have too much noise and not enough links, and I am really not that interested in what Cory is doing (in fact I am not interested at all to be honest) Some of the others are interesting but there are better (for some definition of better)

    And of course they are all weblogs – do not bow down to the masses and use the b**g word!!

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