DateFriday 25 February 2005

PowerBook reviewed, Google hacking and spam summits lacking spammers

Hey, I’ve been busy.

Looky here: a review of the new Apple 15″ PowerBook (it’s amazingly quiet, it’s not so hot, but….) over at The Register.

At The Independent, a piece on hacking via Google.

And finally, at Netimperative, a quizzical look at the latest spam summits, asking: if you want to stop spam, why don’t you have any spammers speaking?

(Why also categorised under “Advice for PRs”? Because this is the sort of things I write about, folks. That’s what I want to read PR stuff about..)

So, ITsafe, do you have an advisory for us or not?

Hurrah! ITSafe was launched by Hazel Blears, MP and minister, to save the UK from the Evils of ..Things!

It shall tell us of evil awful things that h3ck3rz and d00dz are trying to do to us through Bulletins. Oyez, oyez. This web thing is wonderful, minister.

So anyway, there on the front page is a link called “Bulletins”, and also something called “Latest Bulletin”. When I dropped by, “Latest Bulletin” linked to ITsafe: Advisory 2005-ADV-001.

However the “Bulletins” link goes to… “Most Recent Alerts” which says “No Alerts have been identified since the ITsafe launch”.

So is it bulletins or alerts you’re doing at “Bulletins”? Given that the whole site looks like it was done by a not-very-experienced 13-year-old (including the crap clip art of a crown and a safe), I guess I’m not that surprised. But it would be nice for it to be slightly useful.

Ah no, who am I fooling.