More on the email deluge: newspaper takes action

The blizzard of unwanted emails to newspapers continues unabated, despite the fact that nobody reads the vast majority. Faxes come in unbidden too, but those mostly just spool straight into the bin. Or else sit in memory, uncollected. (Faxes are in effect outbound-only in most newspaper offices. In fact, most offices, I would have thought.)

Now The Independent has sent out a message to correspondents giving a new email for actually contacting the news editors if you have something to file, or say.

With the missive comes the comment:

But do NOT give this address to PRs for anything – the old [DELETED]” gets about 600 dustbin emails a day.

OK? Do you believe me now? Nobody is looking at these things. Find a different way to get your stories across.

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  1. The question here is when (not if) enough newspapers will adopt the same “overhaul” of their email systems and make the contact email addresses private / semi-private once again. A critical mass is needed to convince the PR industry to address alternative methods of distribtion – until then email press releases will still be dominant.

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