DateMonday 14 March 2005

Perhaps if she had called it “The Da Vinci Emporium”?

The wife’s new book (The Peacock Emporium) is out in paperback and doing great business. It made WH Smith’s top ten list for the first week of March, for example.

The publishers sent over the listing, and so we looked to see what else was in the top ten.


=No.2: Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code. Still selling? Oh well.
=No.2: The Rough Guide to the Da Vinci Code. (Michael Hagg.)
=No.3: Angels and Demons (Dan Brown).
=No.3: Secrets of Angels and Demons (Dan Burstein).
No.4: Deception Point (Dan Brown).
No.5: Digital Fortress (Dan Brown).

And bookending this incredible Dan Brown-fest, at No.1 is A Mother’s Love (Lyn Andrews) and at No.6, The Peacock Emporium.

Though obviously there are discussions to be had about titling the next one “The Love Story behind The Da Vinci Code”. And of course writing under a different name… something like Dana Brown?

Forget the chicken flu pandemic, what about the cough+cold epidemic?

I know it’s not just me who’s been suffering from this evil, evil double affliction. In my case, first I got the cough, which just goes on and on. Then there’s the cold, which is just a normal cold, but when added to The Cough, it becomes an evil self-reinforcing pain.

The Cold produces all that gunk which helps The Cough to breed even better. And your immune system is so blitzed trying to fight on two fronts (bacterial cough, virus cold) that it can’t defeat either.

I know loads of people around here who’ve had it, and I hear it’s big in cities too. The only solution: get antibiotics for The Cough.

Still, the chicken flu unsettles me. Every week or so at The Indie the science/health team would say “Oh, there’s another one” as something would drop on the wires about another case of bird flu-related illness in the Far East. Lots of scientists feel a pandemic is just waiting to happen.

And when it does, *then* you’ll discover how unpopular airlines can be.