Forget the chicken flu pandemic, what about the cough+cold epidemic?

I know it’s not just me who’s been suffering from this evil, evil double affliction. In my case, first I got the cough, which just goes on and on. Then there’s the cold, which is just a normal cold, but when added to The Cough, it becomes an evil self-reinforcing pain.

The Cold produces all that gunk which helps The Cough to breed even better. And your immune system is so blitzed trying to fight on two fronts (bacterial cough, virus cold) that it can’t defeat either.

I know loads of people around here who’ve had it, and I hear it’s big in cities too. The only solution: get antibiotics for The Cough.

Still, the chicken flu unsettles me. Every week or so at The Indie the science/health team would say “Oh, there’s another one” as something would drop on the wires about another case of bird flu-related illness in the Far East. Lots of scientists feel a pandemic is just waiting to happen.

And when it does, *then* you’ll discover how unpopular airlines can be.


  1. It seems very hard to seperate the fact from the fiction in the case of the chicken flu stories, however; with little solid argument going on, from what I see. This issue will only be exacerbated if a pandemic does occur though- good instruction and advice will be impossibly hard to get on the ground at some of the points where it is most likely to occur. Just like the panic in HK with SARS and foot&mouth here in Blighty. Truth and hysteria blend in together.

  2. Your post clock seems to be off by an hour, by the way; this is at twenty to one.

  3. The Cough is for at least some people likely to be Pertussis, caused by a toxin produced by Bordetella Pertussis, a bactierium responsible for Whooping COugh.

    It is also referred to as “100 day cough”. GUess why.

    Problem with treating it is that there are no live bacteria involved, just the toxin stuck to the tickle receptors in the airway, so antibiotics are not useful.

    I blame the Sunday Times, of course.

  4. But wait, doctor – how can the toxin exist without the bacterium? Or are you saying that once you’ve overcome the infection, then you’ve just got the toxin to get rid of?

    That should be simple once I cough up the lining of my throat, like that bloke who went along with Mallory and Irvine to Everest. Before I started the antibiotics (yesterday) I’d sometimes be doubled up coughing. Now, much better. Feel nearly human.

    What’s the Sunday Times blamed for?

    Oh, and the post clock is off. I’ll see if I can change it, but this may be something to do with the server where this blog sits.

  5. I have had this cold , well headache , fatigue, sore throat, cough and lots of snot and tissues for about 1 month now. I have tried lempsip, cough medicine, cold medicine, even the horrible stuff that your made to digest as a kid, but nothing has worked so far. I cant stop blowing my nose. Maybe its this “100 day flu” thats going around, sure feels like a reasonable explaination. Ive also got to do this charity walk – 43 miles on saturday, anything that will cure this thing? sooner rather than later. Feedback appreciated.

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