DateWednesday 11 May 2005

At last, a Flickr account

OK, call me slow. So I’ve only got two public photos on Flickr. Yes? I’ve had things to do! Anyway, my contribution so far is to compare the iPod shuffle with the Creative Muvo, where on paper the latter should win hands down. Anyway, the page where my Flickr photos will be (assuming I ever get into the mindset to upload lots of photos) is

Plonk yours in as you like. Pointers to good Flickr tools welcome – though I’ve already got Fraser Speirs’s excellent Flickr Uploader Automator Action. And Flickr Uploadr [sic]. And the Flickr-searching widget from Chancecube.

Hmm. For someone with only 2 Flickr photos, I have a lot of apps for it, no?

So how exactly do you tell the difference between “human” and “artificial” sudoku?

Come on. I mean, why has nobody called The Guardian on this? On Monday it belatedly joined the bandwagon (rolling along merrily with the Times, Telegraph, Independent, Mail and Express already on board) and launched its own version.

And portentously announced “Ours is done by humans – not created by computers.” So how do you tell the difference then? It’s laughable. Organic sudoku! No added preservatives! Each digit lovingly hand-picked from the field of integers below 10 and above 0, frozen before the goodness can leak out and hand-placed in the appropriate square by humans! (Janine Gibson at The Guardian is more honest – calling it “broadsheet bingo”.)

I’m just surprised nobody has written a PHP/Javascript program to solve them, but probably I just haven’t looked hard enough. Delightfully, the Indie on Saturday runs a “prize” version which goes up to 16 squares – using hex numbering.

(For those not in the know, sudoku – from the Japanese meaning “excellent way to pass the time while also appearing to be working on something on your desk rather than staring out of the window or at risque sites on the Net” – uses a grid of 9×9, being four grids of 3×3, each with the numbers 1-9. Each number appears only once in each row, column and square. No maths involved, only reasoning.)

And one last thought. Will the Daily Star join the fun with a 4×4 grid?

Update: holy biscuits, even Newsnight is doing an item about it. This clearly means that it’s soooo over. Bets please on which will be the first paper to drop it. (Query: do papers ever drop these things?)

Obnote: watching HHGTTG on TV, post-Newsnight. And there’s Douglas Adams doing a bit part in his own series. Damn. We really need him, more than ever.