Is a recession on the way? And what does that mean for online businesses?

My latest piece at Netimperative examined whether the scent of recession in the air (falling high street sales, bankruptcies up, – which always finds itself at the top of whatever market – being bid for) points towards good or bad times ahead for online businesses.

This isn’t going to be like 2001, when there was tumbleweed blowing across computer screens where the ads should be. There are in fact reasons to think that being online will be the best shelter from the storm.

But I don’t think it’s going to be great news for those with ambitious ideas for new media. In particular those which are expensive, intermittent, or easily replaced with something similar for free.

For example, will sending TV to mobiles (as NTL is testing) be a success in those conditions? Ponder your verdict, then see mine.

Bonus link: Consumers still in the dark over meaning of ‘3G’:

Three-quarters of the UK population do not understand the term “3G”, although the majority now recognise the terms “broadband” and “digital TV”, according to new research.

I didn’t write it, but I think it’s a fascinating finding.

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