Exactly what would I be learning? Infowar opens new forum to debate PC vs Mac

You have to admit, some people just have a taste for trouble. According to

Security Awareness, “The admins over at Infowar.com just created a new forum specifically for Mac/Apple users or anyone that wants to debate the pros and cons of PC vs. Mac.

Check it out today and join the forum for free. You might learn something.”

Uh huh. Like what, precisely? That advocates of either system can be mindlessly, endlessly boring? (And what about Linux advocates? Do they just have to sit there saying nothing?)

Increasingly I think the Mac vs PC debate ought to be lumped with other debates that aren’t going to get anywhere – Which Religion Is Best, Creationism, Global Warming Is A Sham, The Middle East, Northern Ireland, and Who Was the Best Tennis/Golf/Tiddlywinks Player of All Time If You Do/Don’t Allow Them To Use Modern Equipment.

You only have to look, for example, at the extreme stupidity that follows in the 7!!!! pages of comments following Paul Thurrott’s story that Apple would swap to Intel chips to see that there are completely nutso people on both sides. Those admins at Infowar are going to have a whole lot of cleaning up to do.

(Via Security Awareness for Ma, Pa and the Corporate Clueless.)

Update Weds 1pm: ooh, very mature. Infowar invites its readers to “send me some love”. Very grown up, guys; I recall Alan Sugar trying the same thing (as he couldn’t fire me). Read about how that turned out at Sugar’s em@ailer backlash backfires.

As to my original point, I’d say that these Infowar postings already show the direction things are going to go. Look at the Thurrott thread referenced above, look at the Infowar posting, give it a few weeks to fester… The key indicators always being the use of the word Winblows and the phrase I’ve never managed a MAC, so my opinion is not a good one. However I’ve heard… Notably, the use of “MAC” in capitals by someone who manages computers is particularly itch-making. (It means Media Access Control[ler], OK??)


  1. The Security Awareness blog caters to end users who need basic computer training and can always learn more by participating in healthy debates.

    Feel free to start a Linux topic anywhere on the Infowar.com forum. We have more than 5,000 members that love to share their opinions, just like you.

    And thanks for reading our blog.

  2. I see the point, but I’m sure those end users could just be directed to one of the 8 billion places on the web where these same arguments have been hashed and re-hashed over and over.

    It does get exceedingly tiresome. As the foum’s participators will doubtless soon learn.

  3. As an Admin of Infowar I’m happy to see that you have taken the time to comment on our newest forum debate. One man’s opinion on whether or not the debate is ‘mindless and leads nowhere’ is just that, an opinion. My take on the subject is that people will debate on anything ‘mindless’, including the war in Iraq, the price of oil, or why I named my dog Spot. Debates are great. They give you insight into what other people think and why. They give you reasons to maybe check out something new to see if it flies for you. They give you another facet on a topic that you may never have thought about and realize that.. Hey, that makes sense. That’s the great thing about debates. You can comment on something and hope to sway someone into giving it a shot, or at least give an intelligent reason as to why you feel/do as you do. Thanx for opening this debate and I would hope that no one will consider it to be.. well…..ummm… mindless.

  4. Riff_Raff: “The MAC forum”

    Please read Charle’s article: “Notably, the use of MAC in capitals by someone who manages computers is particularly itch-making. (It means Media Access Control”

    So the correct spelling is Mac, not MAC…

  5. I am also one of the Admins over at Infowar.com I would like to thank you for your Opinion of Our Forum and Invite you to come over and become a active member if youve not done so already , As to the linux debate if you would have taken the time to notice. Infowar.com has had a linux forum for quite sometime . The MAC forum was resently added because We Admins looked at our monthly traffic over 40 thousand visits a month and we deciced we were leaving an Operating system out so we added the Mac forum.

  6. Heh, “MAC”…

  7. At the very least can we have a Mac vs PC debate that blocks any posts with the following words or phrases:

    Microsucks, Micro$oft, can’t right click, linsucks… etc etc

  8. No, but I’ve a dark brown overcoat.

  9. Send you some love? Not I…. I may respect your opinions being such but I don’t have to like you. I think you may be rattling some chains and so be it. The forum (Mac vs PC) at Infowar will either fly or crash in flames, as I stated in a previous post on our site. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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