More Live 8 fun: the Ricky Gervais dancing clip

I thought Ricky Gervais’s compering aid joke at Live 8 was really cringemaking (“Bob Geldof and Richard Curtis have just finished a conference call with George Bush and Tony Blair.. and they’ve agreed not just to double aid, but to quadruple it!” Stunned audience silence. “We can all go home!” Faint realisation dawns… “No, they haven’t really..”).

But he recovered it, perfectly, by doing The Dance. (This will make little if any sense to American readers. I wonder if it’ll happen in the US series of The Office? Except it was in the second series, wasn’t it, so…)

See it here – and his other Live 8 shorts – at It’s not big, but it is funny.

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  1. Any Americans who are familiar with Ricky Gervais at all must know about The Dance . . .

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