Dell shuts customer support forums.. because they’re full of criticism

At The Register I’ve written about how Dell has shut its customer care support forums (in the US; the UK site doesn’t have them). One must surmise – though one has to guess here, because Dell hasn’t come up with a formal statement of any sort despite my request, let’s see, TWO days ago – that it’s because people were complaining too much.

The pointer came from Ed Bott, but once you start searching you’ll find that there are complaints about this, and Dell support, and problems with the Dimenson 4600 power supply, all over the web.

Dell might have been the first to sell computers efficiently over the web, and for all I know to have customer support forums. But it doesn’t seem to be showing the right technique for handling its paymasters’ ire, either through those channels or the PR ones.

Meanwhile the stream of press releases channelled through GCI but originating in the US (you can tell, because they are so dull, that they’re from the US) continues, as if that might drown out the trouble. Sorry, but no.

Update 1155: I’ve had an email from GCI saying Dell constantly evaluates the effectiveness of our support tools and determined that order support and related questions are best addressed through FAQs, and chat. Which I don’t think quite answers the “why” question. This could go on for a while..


  1. Man, if this was Apple, everyone would be bitching right now.

  2. But it’s Dell, so no one cares.

  3. Not true, actually – I’ve got a huge load of email from Register readers about this. There are some very annoyed folk out there, and they’re also pointing me to other hardware problems. Which is interesting.

  4. Support problems are NOT best answered by FAQs and chat. There are often issues that
    have solutions listed on discussion forums. These forums also give you a clue that you
    are not the only one with the issue, and that it can be solved. The best example of this
    is the Apple discussion forums, which are full of very useful solutions to problems.
    Plus, if you find an answer in the forum, often the company’s tech support team doesn’t
    need to do anything. Dell simply doesn’t care about customer support. Their recent
    support figures in Consumer Reports prove it, as does this recent, foolish action.

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