Sense of proportion department: the Daily Express today..

Ah, great. You wake up and find another considered headline from the Daily Express. Isn’t life grand? Daily Express front page

One wonders too why they held themselves back at that – surely they’d have preferred to have had the headline the other way round…

Also, when they say “asylum seekers” I think what they actually want to say is “illegal immigrants” because the latter is, um, illegal while the former are legal. But “asylum seekers” fits two decks in 72pt much neater than “illegal immigrants”. 6 units + 7 units vs 5 units and 10 units, for those who know how to do unit counts for headlines. (Every lower-case letter is 1 unit, except m which is 1.5, and i & l which are 0.5. Capitals are 1.5.)

And isn’t it enough to say “bombers are bombers”? Isn’t that far enough beyond the pale? Oh, no, because the Express isn’t as interested in getting rid of bombers as it is in getting rid of asyl… illegal immigrants.

(Oh, I took the picture in the newsagent. No way I’m going to pay for stuff like that.)


  1. Make Poverty History. As long as the poor don’t come over here when their governments start abusing them.< ! spaminator saw this >

  2. They were not illegal immigrants. Those who are foreigners came here as children fleeing the war in Somalia, with no intention at the time of engaging in terrorism. They became radicalised later, in one case in prison.< ! spaminator saw this >

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