DateSaturday 30 July 2005

“After the iPod – isn’t that like asking what’s after the book”? Nice to get misunderstood…

Over at “Tim’s Tales, Travels, and Travails” he’s asking (himself?) Will subscription music come into its own? and pointing out how he’s got a subscription to Yahoo which lets him listen to any of a million tracks. (How’s it on Verdi? Maurice Chevalier? To name but a couple I’ve been ripping this evening. But I digress.)

He points to Jonny Evans’s Wired report about the Musictank evening that was title “I came, I saw, iPod: what’s next?”. I didn’t choose the title..

Anyway, Tim says: As long as I have room on my hard drive or access to the Internet, I can choose to listen to any song at pretty much any time. And: I question the folks who say things like: “After the iPod — isn’t that like asking what’s after the book?” asked journalist and keynote speaker Charles Arthur, who argued that music will not necessarily flow to cell phones.

Well, let’s at least clear up the issue of what I said after the phrase “isn’t that like asking what’s after the book?” I then said: “We all know that there have been lots of things after the book – films, TV, radio, DVDs. But the book keeps on going and maintains its popularity. Ask JK Rowling.” OK? Are we clear? I don’t see these things killing each other; they can all coexist. But everyone is driven by the media’s agenda to find “fights to the death” (which only happen with stuff like VHS vs Betamax) into believing that either iPods kill or are killed by cell phones. Uh-uh. Ain’t so. It’s books and videos, if you ask me.

As for his other point – about having room on his HD or access to the internet – I think that not having access to the Net is one of those things that geeks take for granted. But everyone else finds it unusual. About half the UK population doesn’t have internet access at home. Think on that one.

Oh, but the real reason I’m posting this here is that Tim’s blog *requires* that you have a Microsoft .NET Passport ID and sign in with it before you can comment. Err, clue – not about to happen. Certainly it’s a good way to deter spammers (or the ones who can’t be bothered to set up their own Spaces blogs on which to link-spam the world). It’s also a near-100% perfect way to deter everyone else, Tim.

Patience, please..

I’ve upgraded the site to the latest and possibly greatest version of WordPress, but not everything seems to have come along. Tweaks will follow. Your patience appreciated.

… (a little later..) Ah, OK. That should be it. Little matters like missing plugins – hah! And missing /ul/ markers all over the place. Trivial.
Now added: the “most commented-on” place. See if you can catch up with the G4 one! (Actually, being there will probably draw Google, which will draw G4 fans, which will..)

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