DateMonday 22 August 2005

David Hewson on leaving the Sunday Times; and disappearing comments

I haven’t had time to read it, but if you haven’t read the blog piece, it’s here. (Well, somewhere.) With his thoughts on what should be the axioms for writing this stuff.

I’ll perhaps write my thoughts once I’ve read his. Anyhow, interesting. Very, very interesting. I never knew he wrote books..

(Apologies btw to everyone who’s been posting comments like mad and seen them apparently disappear into space. WordPress 1.5 seems to take a dim view of comments, any comments, even from people I trust and love. I’ll sort it out, I hope, when I get home.)

I’m not being rude, I just can’t send email. And enjoying the weather.

Just a quick note to say that (1) thanks, I’m getting your emails but (2) I can’t reply to them at present because although I’ve found the only place in absolutely miles that does broadband – wireless, at that – it blocks port 25, which in layman’s language means that I can’t send emails except over webmail, and I detest webmail, so I’m sticking to answering only the very very urgent on that basis.

The rest I guess will have to wait until I’m back in the UK at the end of the week (Sat 27th August, I think). Meanwhile don’t believe anyone claiming to have met me in the UK within the past three weeks…. though I’ve already had one email from someone claiming seriously to have been told that a flack problem has been handled thusly. Nope, it hasn’t.

And also to say that it’s nice here. The Australian winter is warmer than the English summer. And the prices are definitely favourable.