Got an iPod nano? Got a scratch on the screen? Of course you have

Over at The Register, I’ve noted how the wails are growing loud – already! – from people who’ve bought an iPod nano and discovered that it seems to grow scratches from nowhere. That’s iPod nano owners in screen scratch trauma, to be precise.

I certainly noticed this – the one I’ve been trying is pretty much useless for viewing photos now, after a bit of pocketing. My advice: leave the bits of sticky plastic on over the screen.

Update Sun eve: see for simple protection – using a Treo screen protector. Possibly needs a Treo first, of course..

More: Good Morning Silicon Valley had the story too, but – by my counting – after mine at The Register. CNet has picked it up too. Hmm. I predict a riot..


  1. this might be an answer: (ripped from gizmodo yesterday)


    Ps i appreciate that this is a ‘workaround’ and doesn’t solve the apparently fundamental design ‘issue’.

  2. Mine’s scratching it’s way towards total oblivion already.

    Ah, but you can pay $$$ for the chance to keep it unscratched, of course.

  3. I’ve been looking on the net and there’s this stuff call displex,
    its a display polish that can apparently get the scratches out,
    I intend to buy some then get a case for my nano shortly after.
    what does displex sound like to everyone else?

  4. “what does displex sound like to everyone else?”

    Um… a laxative?

  5. product wise, should I buy it and try it, not sure if it’ll
    make my screen worse

  6. Sorry was only joking; there are ‘liquid plastics’ like this you can buy to remove scratches – I’ve managed to resurrect damaged CDs in the past using something similar. I suppose if you buy it and it doesn’t do what’s promised you should be able to get your money back.

  7. The Times has covered this issue today too. A week ago I really wanted a nano. Now I’m not so sure.

    But I’ve just realised that my Samsung phone (D500) hasn’t a scratch on it after almost a year in my pocket. If I’m not mistaken, the iPod nano uses Samsung’s bits inside (the memory maybe? Not entirely sure). If only they used whatever plastic Samsung uses then maybe they’d be getting better press.

  8. fair point, well i’ve contacted apple and what a suprise no reply,
    I’ve put some displex on order and lets see if it works or just
    makes it worse.

  9. well i’m sitting here, nano in hand polishinh it good and proper
    and bloody hell it works! its got nearly all marks off it,
    there’s a particularly deep mark on the right hand side but it slowly
    dissapearing, next thing to do is buy a case, when they come out and not use my nano until then.

  10. Displex works perfect!! just got it today! a few minutes and my ipod nano looks brand new!

  11. I just bought a nano, and the screen reveals loads of light scratches of continous wiping when put in direct sunlight, do you think its worth buying this displex stuff for these scratches, or not?

  12. Charles

    Saturday 29 October 2005 at 8:58 pm

    Tom – might as well. I mean, it’s cheap, and can’t make it worse, can it?

  13. Found a site called Brando, they do screen protectors and aluminium cases, both of which I have ordered and should be arriving shortly, they look quite cool on the site.

  14. hey, im new to this site and there are THOUSANDS!of cases and screen protecters and all that lot on ebay, all brand new of corse!

  15. Just simple car polish will remove the superficial scratches off the plastic. Try using a drop of car polish and rubbing the screen with it.

  16. Yes, but I’d never previously found either car polish, Brasso or a screen protector a necessary accessory to an iPod. That’s the point. It’s not how easy it is to fix; it’s whether the problem arises in the first place.

  17. ive got a nano and its been on the shelf for a week its got a scratch and it makes the screen usles i hope this displex stuff can remove scratches for good

  18. I’ve got a 20GB ipod that’s got some scratching on the lense! Will displex remove those perhaps?

  19. i got my ipod nano a week ago, and theres hundreds of light scratches on the front, and 2 big ones down the screen – all from it going in and out of my pocket, with a protector on!!!

  20. I got an IPOD last week, not an nano, it is a photo/video Ipod, the screen seems to be glass not plastic, already there is a scratch on the screen ! Will this displex remove this perhaps? Or only works for plastic?

  21. Charles

    Monday 2 January 2006 at 10:48 pm

    Blimey, I should take adverts for iPod protectors, shouldn’t I? The screen on the iPod isn’t glass; it is plastic. It can scratch. Dunno what displex does… you’ll have to look around for help on that one.

  22. dispex removes a tiny layer of plastic and either polishes it off or deposites it in the larger scratches, since getting a plastic cover from brando and an aluminium case i’ve had no problems

  23. Since using Brasso on my scratched nano most of the main scratches have gone but it has left very light swirl scratches on it! Can anybody recommend anything else for the really fine, barely visible scratches?? Thanks

  24. does car polish remove the scratches reply a.s.a.p thnx

  25. Try Meguiars plastic polishes for clear plastics (boats, cars, motorcycles)… use a microfibre polishing cloth on the final rub down and don’t rub!!! gently move the cloth back and forth to remove the residue… almost as good as new.

    Forget what the others say, you will under any really bright light see fine wipe marks. If you dont want these, then install invisible shield before you touch it.

  26. my nano is a piece of shit now….i loved the thing until the second day, i reccomend getting a case with a screen protecter!

  27. Drew B. Who ever said that Apple uses Samsung memory chips, (Drew B.) they use Samsung chips for the 4GB, and Toshiba
    chips for the 2GB. So Apple uses Samsung, and Toshiba. I have a 4GB Nano, it is 2 days old, and is covered with little
    scratches, that is frustrating!

  28. haha ive got an ipod nano

  29. i got displex to work. got the tube for 2 quid from

    well worth a try

    my scratches werent that deep though but shouldnt make that much of a difference should it?

  30. Just use car polish, it’s cheap, easy and you probably already have some.

    Alternatively, don’t buy an iPod.

  31. i have a D500 and my transparent plastic that covers the diplay has many light scratches
    i got the displex applied it then polished it but surely i didnt do something good koz now it
    has more scratches and the display loox dizzy its like u would spit on ur monitor and those tiny drops
    reflect the full range of colors on them

    maybe i didnt do it right or didnt cleaned it up right

    pls help

    how should i use displex everyone says it works need help pls

  32. Charles

    Sunday 13 August 2006 at 10:19 pm

    [A lost comment from while I’ve been on holiday; no author, no URL:]

    >>I have a rio that really is scratched to hell (after a whole year of use). The worst part is the stainless steel bit on the back. And since this is almost totally unrelated, I’m going to just shut up and sod off.

    >>But will that CD scratch removing stuff get rid of these scratches? Cheers

  33. New Ipod nano comes out Sept. 27th!
    It looks like a mini… but its the size of a nano.
    Hopefully the scratch problem has been fixed.

  34. I have a small scratch on my navagtion screen. Any ideas how to remove or make it look lighter?

  35. I have a scratch on not my ipod, but on my plastic case. I dont realy have the extra money to spend on replacing it. It is a showcase clear plastic ipod case that is for the 30 gig video, I think I might have done it by wrapping the head phones around and putting it in my luggage when on a trip,when I took it out it was all scratched… if anyone has any ideas that thay could share with me it would be well appreciated.

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