So the iPod Photo arrives from Computer Warehouse, and I unwrap it and plug it in. Register it. Rename it. And it disappears from iTunes.

That’s odd.

It has the “Do Not Disconnect” icon up, even though it’s not showing up anywhere in the disk system – not on iTunes, not in the Finder. System Profiler knows it’s there, but that’s about the only thing that does.

So I disconnect it and force-restart it (hold down the play and Menu buttons together). It restarts, after a lot of thought.

Plug it in. Ah, it’s got a name, but I have to use Disk Utility to erase it. No matter, there was nothing on it. Now, to iTunes again. (Oh, helped by this excellent page if you have an iPod problem.)

And so I fill it up from iTunes. Great. And eject it. Yes, it disappears from iTunes. And the Finder.

But the screen still says “Do Not Disconnect”. And it won’t stop saying that, no matter how much I press the buttons.

Doesn’t matter whether I plug it into Firewire or USB, it doesn’t show up. There’s no disk activity. The screen just says “Do Not Disconnect” – even when it’s disconnected.

This thing’s a paperweight, and now I’m starting to get properly bugged by it.

Your advice welcome. The frustrating thing is that any replacement has to be an iPod Photo, not video, for reasons stated previously involving the iTrip.

Later.. Having left it overnight with the iTrip plugged in the top, in the hope of running down the battery so it would behave, sanity seems to have returned. Plugging it into the mains gets it charging, and the content’s all there. Fingers crossed..