“Tails are cool”

So says the intriguingly-monikered Bourgeois Wife, who went to the Frieze Art exho and saw

One girl had attached a fox tail to the back of her jeans and I’m coveting one badly. The only other person I’ve seen with one is Alison Goldfrapp, who wore a horse tail on the back of a leotard to Glastonbury which was, again, great. Unfortunately the only ones on Ebay are real, which is a bore. Should anyone happen to have a fake fox tail lying about, I will pay good money…

I once has a tiger tail, but it was just a little fake thing one got as an Esso promotion. I had it when I was 5. Heaven knows where it is now – if not in fake tiger tail heaven, then probably on eBay.

Already an interesting read (and she’s got a photo of La Goldfrapp with tail). Enjoy.


  1. ooh, thank you for the mention.

  2. Bourgeois Wife: i followed the link yesterday and think your writing style is excellent. My uncontrolled laughter at the entry on meeting your Yoga Teacher at the Farmers Market got me some very odd looks from my colleagues.


  3. I have always, always wanted a tail.


  4. Yes and how I coveted that tiger tail! Hello Bruv, Little Sis here. re: tails – if anyone is a Kath and Kim fan (ace Australian comedy) then catch the last episode of Series 1 – Great tail tale.
    Buy a (long) hairpiece, works as a tail double.
    Love the blog – see you soon xx

  5. I really want a fake fox tail as well. If you happen to find one, let me know.

  6. ah yes i have a fox tail, wear it all the time. seems i am the only sj fur online alot but i am a husky/fox hybrid and hope to find the right tail

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