Spam Karma: read those stats and cheer

Here’s what Spam Karma is telling me about how much it’s caught since I installed it on Sept 26 (that’s just over a month ago):

  • Total Spam Caught: 2019 (average karma: -254.08)
  • Total Comments Approved: 151 (average karma: 8.74)
  • Total Comments Moderated: 17

And in that period there have been 150 real comments, and 1 (count it!) comment that slipped through – a “free iPod” site advert that was manually posted.

Hmm, 2020 spams and 150 real comments. Spam outweighs real people just as in email.

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  1. Yeah, always reminds me of The Matrix. You’ve got a bunch of brave humans, with skills and resourcefulness and passion and haircuts, but then you’ve got the machines: simple, relentless, basic, overwhelming.


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