In The Guardian: why Google bought into AOL; and review of the year

It’s Thursday, so it’s The Guardian’s Technology supplement – the last of this year.

For the lead, I’ve written about why Google has bought into AOL. (Its valuation means everyone with an address is worth $769.23.. but you can’t pay your credit card off with that, I’m afraid). The reasons are simple: to avoid getting crushed like Netscape did. Worries that it’s going to pollute the Google search results are secondary, for the company, to have a business, for AOL was 10% of its revenues. Lose that to Microsoft, and you might never get back.

We’ve also done the review of the year

Adobe buys rival Macromedia for $3.4bn. The sale completes in December; it would have been faster if the lawyers had skipped the Flash intro.

Mozilla releases Version 1.5 of the Firefox browser. In the year since version 1.0, its market share has peaked at just under 9%. Supporters use graphs with false origins to show that with only 85%+ of the market, Internet Explorer is finished.

..which was a lot of fun to do, except for having to cut out the bits that we’d laboured over. That’s the agony of print. Interesting thing was that the games bloggers were unanimous that Charlie & The Chocolate Factory was the Worst game of the year, by a long chalk.


  1. Who’s the funny looking bloke whose picture appears at the top of your columns then?

  2. Charles

    Thursday 22 December 2005 at 3:35 pm

    Which columns? In the Indie, Rhodri Marsden has taken over; now goes under the (un?)enviable moniker of “Cyberman”. Mmm. He’s got a blog – .

    In the Gdn, well, that’s how I look at certain times when the moon is full.

  3. The Guardian one. I can’t decide whether you look like your weblog or not. (I wish the Guardian hadn’t gone to those colour columnist pictures – I much preferred the old B&W ones, and indeed preferred it when there was no picture at all)

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