DateMonday 26 December 2005

Minority Report, as it would be summed up for a broadsheet newspaper headline

I was thinking about this, having noticed that the film was going to be on. Hmm, a group of official people who have the power to stop you ahead of time on suspicion that you might do something, according to rather hazy “rules” and reports, and fine you huge amounts or put you in prison…

Then I realised what it would be. The headline is, of course:

Health and Safety Executive gets extensive new powers

(Aside: I now find I can’t watch any film that has Tom Cruise in without observing the camerawork to see how they disguise the fact that he’s shorter than pretty much everyone else he works with. Such as – Cruise enters room, camera is well back and above everyone; as he walks into the room it pans down until it’s slightly below and in front of Cruise, who thus looks taller than other people because they’re seen past him. Let’s praise the camerafolk in Jerry Maguire, Minority Report and Collateral, everyone!)

Service Scrubber; and the man behind the Google-AOL deal