The parrot that didn’t bark; and an interesting (known) iPod nano bug

  • The Case of the Gary-lous Parrot
    The British media, desperate as ever for a human interest story, appears to have gotten taken for a ride by someone – until the fact-checking hit the road in the US. Better hope that freelance cashed lots of moolah from this one; it could be a while before the next cheque.
    Oh, what am I saying? Of course he’ll get tons more work. He philled space, after all. (Seen at Museum of Hoaxes)
  • Is anyone else seeing this bug? I updated my iPod nano to version whateveritis (the latest firmware) and since then I’ve discovered this interesting bug.
    Here’s how it works.
    1) Play a song; while it’s playing, click the centre button twice to bring up the interface so you can give your song a star rating.
    2) Don’t do anything. Just leave it. This takes about 15 to 20 seconds.
    3) Watch as the interface trie to roll back to show you where the song is in the track, but instead keeps showing the stars interface. Except this now controls the volume; except you can’t see what the volume is, or how far through the track you are.
    Unfortunately I don’t know how to fix this; it rights itself, eventually.
    Intriguing bug, though, even if it’s only on my machine.
    Update: Mark in the comments points out that this is a known bug for which the cure is:

    1. Don’t touch the iPod controls for at least 5 seconds.
    2. Press the Center button up to 4 times allowing 1 second to elapse between each press.
    3. If the iPod does not return to its normal screen, either repeat steps 1-2 or reset your iPod using the steps documented here.

    Right, we can all go home now. Thanks Mark! (Does it have to be exactly 1 seccond, do you think?)

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