• Green Cards, Red Sites

    With so much at stake, it’s perhaps no surprise that bad actors seek to take advantage of the Green Card Lottery to line their own pockets. We were tipped off by some SiteAdvisor user comments pointing out the misleading nature of seemingly-“official” green card lottery sites. So we decided to take a closer look.

    (The excellent) SiteAdvisor points to another lovely scam going on: people charging you to enter the US’s Green Card lottery, which is of course free to enter.

But unless I’ve completely skimmed this, they don’t mention that Canter & Siegel were the first to bring the GCl to infamy by spamming hundreds of newsgroups with their offer in .. 1994? (from memory). Here’s what I wrote then: the standfirst that the subs wrote says “Millions of people who chat to each other on the Internet fear they are about to be deluged by spam – the electronic version of junk mail.” Gee, do you think they were right?

Extract from that piece:

After Canter sent his message, anyone who logged onto a Usenet newsgroup hoping to find the latest gossip about their chosen topic – which range from Amazon women to the Vietnam war – would have been greeted by a message headed: ‘Green Card Lottery 1994 May be the Last One!! Sign up now!!’ Most of the estimated six million readers probably just deleted it. But many were infuriated.

Ah yes, “may be the last”. Not a lie, just an.. exaggeration.

(Seen at SiteAdvisor blog)

Update: I’ve added the article to this site so you can read it directly.)