Good grief. If Andrew Brown can be stopped and searched by the police under the Terrorism Act, then truly We Are All Suspects.

You must read the whole post, because the payoff is tremendous, and the bit in the middle doesn’t disappoint, and the start is enjoyable too. I can wait. (Stares at ceiling..)

Andrew one day, Arifa Akbar not so long before (article – a good one – paywalled, but you get the gist from the first para that’s up there)… they have something against people who are, or have been, Independent employees, don’t they? I am going to have a shave and stick a neon-illuminated flashing crucifix on my head at once, so that they’ll have to stop me to balance out the religious extremism stats. Andrew was balancing out, well, hmm, quite a lot actually – he was on the far end of about 20 different Bell Curves in the police stats. Perhaps he should be a professional stoppee so as to make their “who we stopped lately” curves match the population demographics.

And as he says, they were amazingly incompetent in the search. Not asking where you’re going is the first rule if you really want to know if someone is who they say (or their documents say) they are.

(I’d just like you to know I created the whole new category of “Unbelievable” for this post.)