DateSaturday 11 March 2006

The future of listening and radio

Apparently an interview I did with Radio 4’s Feedback programme went out today. It was about digital radio (I haven’t heard it – hey, I was at a workshop, though I was there when the interview was recorded..) and the future of listening.

You can hear it here – requires Real Player. Lasts for a week until Friday 17th.

Microsoft packages, and fixing the iTunes Music Store (someone else did)

  • Parody is Good
    Jupiter’s Microsoft Monitor reveals the truth about that Microsoft iPod parody: it came from within Microsoft, to make a point about Microsoft to itself. Why, perhaps it was that mini-Microsoft fella.. (Seen at Microsoft Monitor)
  • iTunes Music Store MAJOR bug fixed!

    Ever since the iTunes Music Store was launched, it was impossible to search for the band The The. This was the most horrible egregiously nasty bug, like, evar!

    Seriously, it was a really annoying bug in that The The is a truly awesome band and, as it turns out, the iTumes Music Store actually has a good selection of their content.

    This has been fixed.

    You know, I had all their albums already. Well, the good ones (three?) (Seen at bbum’s weblog-o-mat)