The future of listening and radio

Apparently an interview I did with Radio 4’s Feedback programme went out today. It was about digital radio (I haven’t heard it – hey, I was at a workshop, though I was there when the interview was recorded..) and the future of listening.

You can hear it here – requires Real Player. Lasts for a week until Friday 17th.


  1. Also, if you want to listen to this episode of Feedback in the old fashioned way, you can hear the repeat at 8pm on Sunday 12 March, Radio 4.

    Nice to hear you Charles. After reading your stuff for years, it’s the first time I’ve been able put a voice to your face.
    It was a bit like listening to an audio book of a novel you’ve read, where a character’s voice isn’t quite what you expect!!

  2. Charles

    Saturday 11 March 2006 at 10:28 pm

    Yes, I was rather hoping to be re-voiced by someone better-sounding like Stephen Fry or maybe even Hugh Laurie as House (he does that sort of croaky American accent rather well). It’s said that it’s always a surprise when you hear your voice on tape. Certainly is for me – I wonder who this nasal guy who keeps calling our home answerphone is, and why he wants to tell us he’s on the train. Oh, those are the old messages..

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