• The Devil Is In The Detail

    The TV ad opens with a view of two passports belonging to a stereotypical white, middle-class couple.

    The camera pulls back and then up revealing that they are in the hands of an immigration officer at an airport. He’s looking between the photos and the two colourfully dressed hippies in front of him,

    “And how long did you say you have been on honeymoon Sir?”

    The husband then launches into some dreadful faux patois and reveals that they’ve been away for fifteen years…

    I hadn’t twigged the fundamental error in this ad (which I won’t spoil; to see it you’ll have to follow the link to John Dodds’s blog, which I’m rather enjoying). I’d just thought it was a rubbish ad – nobody would sound like that after 15 years in Jamaica. And I couldn’t have told you what it was trying to sell. It’s so bad that’s it’s not even good – just forgettable. (Seen at Make Marketing History)