My own call for papers – on cochlear implants

For reasons I’ll explain in time, I’m now looking for any papers on cochlear implants that compare the different manufacturers and the results of language acquisition post-implant. I did once have a link to some, but now can’t find it. Any clues? Google hasn’t been too much use – most of the links are to the manufacturers themselves, while PubMed throws up too many hits to be useful. Your help appreciated.


  1. You could try the acoustics society of america (access via Some of their conference proceedings contain analysis of different type of implants.

    Here’s a list of some of the other places to try

    Most studies are available on pubmed and are free.

  2. I’m sure you’ve tried it and found it wanting but, just in case, have you used vivisimo? It’s a meta search engine that clusters [their word] the results. I’ve found it quite useful on a number of occasions. On this one entering:

    “cochlear implants” comparison

    seems to throw up some interesting groups (try the ‘measures’ cluster for instance).

  3. Whoopsisimo… (the company site that includes the engine) (yucky name, the engine itself)

    Regards etc

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