This is like those column-closers that one would see from time to time in the New Yorker. They are little inserts at the end of a column at the end of a piece, headlined for example “Journalism Finally Comes Of Age”, and would have a clip from a very very very local paper, saying something like

The council then discussed the possibility of building a new levee. I didn’t really follow what happened and until I do, I don’t think I had better write anything about it

(That’s pretty much a word-for-word as I remember that particular one.)

So anyway, today in the Aussie papers, propagated via Yahoo:

Only about 10 per cent of Cochlear Ltd’s units sold in the United States are for bilateral implants, but the hearing implant maker says it is an emerging trend that has the potential to double its market

I couldn’t resist a smile on reading that.

But then read the story:

“The stars are aligning quite favourably for bilateral implantation but most importantly the results that people are getting have been fantastic,” Dr [Chris] Roberts [chief executive of the Cochlear company] said.

Hmm, astrological market prediction – a previously untapped source.