Stuart Bruce blogs the IPRA summit (summat to do with PR)

Seems there’s a big do on in which PR people are telling each other that the world is changing. Word up!

Stuart Bruce is doing an interesting job trying to blog it: posts starting here and then follow forward. It’s pretty much rolling up there in real time, if you’re reading this on Wednesday.

The Q+A is interesting. (Mark! Mellor! Where’s the Firefly blog? Should there be one? Shouldn’t your RSS logo be on the front page?)

Andrew Morrison, senior comms manager, Coca-Cola Africa talked about the YouTube mentos mints video and how Coke has now commissioned the creators to create an official Coca-Cola video. He asks does he say a split between those who will embrace the new technology and those who still want to more formally “control the message”.

Trouble is, you can’t control the message any more. You can only take part in the argument. Which is OK if you’ve got a winning argument.


  1. Charles, PRs could never control the message. In 17 years in the business I’ve never controlled the message and don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who has – just deluded souls who think that is what they are doing.

    The difference today is that it is all so much faster, more transparent and more fun.

  2. Yes Charles, you’re quite right we should have a blog. Been too busy reading blogs. Watch this space!

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