OK, so I’ve finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – the seventh of seven books. How odd: for the first time in a couple of years I haven’t got a Harry Potter book to look forward to reading to someone. Though I’ve now started reading them (from Goblet of Fire) to the second child.

But since I had Goblet of Fire to hand, I thought I’d re-read it, or at least its ending, which I thought was the most dramatic of them – though to be fair, they all have a remarkable finish.

And there I came across a couple of points that struck me as surprising – because they were inconsistent, or at least hard to explain logically.

First (and stop here if you haven’t read Goblet of Fire, and want to): Harry finds himself and Cedric Diggory at the cemetery, whisked there by the Portkey.

“Kill the spare!” said a high voice. (That’s Voldemort, who’s not quite corporeal yet but can manipulate a wand, according to the first chapter – odd, that.) And Diggory, being spare, is killed. Later Harry and Voldemort duel, and those Voldemort’s wand has killed return, briefly, including Diggory. (Well, starting with Diggory.)

But: who used the wand? Did Pettigrew (aka Wormtail)? Why? Doesn’t he have his own wand? If not, if Voldemort did it, why did he say what needed to be done?

Second: after surviving that, Harry is back at the school. It’s time to go. And the horseless carriages come up. And he gets into them to get onto the Hogwarts Express.

But: in the next book (Order of the Phoenix), on getting off the train to go to school, he sees the deathly horses – which you only see if you’ve seen someone dead, as Luna Lovegood also does (it’s one of the things that brings them together). Except – he’d already seen someone dead in GOF. Diggory. The same person whose deadness means he sees the horses in OOTP. (Yeah, enough of the acronyms, I agree.)

So, a couple of inconsistencies across two books. I haven’t looked to see if others have spotted these too – surely they have …

(looks) – what am I saying, there are entire areas of sites devoted to them. Apparently on the thestrals issue, HM JK Rowling says “You can’t see them until the death ‘sinks in.'” Mm, nice one, JK.

..although my one about the killing of Diggory doesn’t seem to be there. Then again, it’s a very small haul from the thousands of pages and the entire alternate universe that JK Rowling created. Fantastic stuff. Though I hope that in the paperback she just leaves out the last three words of the last book. Really, they’re unnecessary.