..and replace the Portuguese police with British tabloid hacks

OK, I’m very impressed by the fact that a bunch of Britain’s finest hacks in full cry managed to track down the girl pictured by a tourist for being suspiciously young and blonde. I make that less than 24 hours from release to print to uncovering.

And of course she isn’t Madeleine. (Personally, I saw the photo above on a newspaper front page and said at once “Nope, it ain’t”. Impressive that the woman is still wearing the same hat.

Even so, let’s hear it for Her Majesty’s press. (To quote Hot Metal, that long-forgotten TV series.) Maybe if they’d been called in from day 1 rather than the police..

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  1. I keep waiting for someone, somewhere to point out that the world is full of small blonde girls who look like Madeleine McCann.

    Agree that the speed with which they tracked the woman down was impressive. Mind you, you probably only had to stand within a 30 mile radius of that hat to spot it.

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