(I’ve nicked the tagline from my wife’s status comment on Facebook.)

Anyway, the other day a photographer – Mark Molloy – came along to take some pictures for an article that my wife has written, following her posting about how we’ve acquired some rescue chickens. (Its title was actually “Chew on this, Colonel Sanders.”)

And he also brought his video camera, and made a little video. (No embedding, so RSS readers aren’t missing anything.)

Star of the show is herself, and also Gertie the chicken, seen in the middle section sitting on The Author’s arm. And then relieving herchickenself, with just a bare cluck – and an explosion of laughter from child 2 – while The Author carries on explaining about the economics of buying chickens who’d otherwise be slaughtered.

The eggs are great, by the way.

“I must blog more,” she says reflectively. Given that this got a commission from a supermarket magazine, I’m not disagreeing.