It’s been about two years since I started at the Guardian, and now we’ve finally got our act together sufficiently to do a podcast. (Really we needed enough studio space and time – you’d be surprised how many people are clamouring to use it. News, sport, books, science…)

But now at last the first Tech Weekly podcast is here, and there’s even a Facebook group where you can discuss it. Or diss it.

In this first one, we’re looking back at 2007 – at the iPhone, datagate, Vista and Leopard, games launches, the Wii, Facebook and social networking. I’m not the host – that’s done by Aleks Krotoski, who has just the right sorta voice for this – but I am one of the panel, along with Bobbie Johnson and Jemima Kiss.

There’ll be more about this time every week for the future (even next week). One point for PR people to note – we’ll be looking for guests to come into the studio, or to submit to our pointy microphones and pointed, probing questions. So brush up on your mike technique and make sure that your people know the difference between a sting and a bed. In radio, lingo is all.

And the nice thing is that we don’t have to do it to any fixed time. Perhaps we’ll gradduate to working in the pips and saying “OureditorstodaywereAandBandcomingnextafterthenewsisAndrewMarronStartTheWeekgoodmorning!” Pip.. pip..