How remarkable: sifting through the stuff that passes through my newsreader, I came across this report about the rapper Foxy Brown and her cochlear implant (which I’ll extract because these Yahoo-Reuters reports vanish after a while. Boo, rubbish):

A judge says she wants more information before she decides whether to let rapper Foxy Brown get out of jail and go to California for repair of an electronic ear implant. Acting state Supreme Court Justice Melissa Jackson said Thursday she wanted proof of Brown’s claim that deafness looms unless she goes to Los Angeles’ House Clinic for treatment and for repair of a defective cochlear implant.

Brown, 29, revealed her hearing problems during a court appearance in late 2004. Her petition says her condition is worsening in jail and her hearing faces serious harm unless she has the cochlear implant reprogrammed and repaired.

(You’re wondering why she’s in prison?

The judge had put her on probation after she pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault of two manicurists at a Manhattan nail salon in August 2004.

Then she broke her probation.)

The Washington Post had an article too in January 2006, pointing out that People You May Know (If You’re American) also have CIs:

Rush Limbaugh has one; so does former Miss America Heather Whitestone McCallum. Hip-hop singer Foxy Brown, who recently disclosed her hearing loss, is considering joining the ranks of the cochlear implanted, too.

No tales that I’ve come across of people who’ve been implanted from a young age who are famous. Well, not yet. Give it time…