It’s all there. Of course the Phorm stuff is really kicking off – the Technology blog is alive with people with questions about this. If it reaches the mainstream news pages, I suspect Phorm’s deal with BT is dead in the water, even if it is completely private and above board.

As for nuclear power, well, it’s obvious, innit, unless we’re all going to live like Cuba. Though there was a fantastic comment (which probably isn’t new, but hey) on Leo Hickman’s rather wet response to James Lovelock’s “enjoy it while you can” interview in last Saturday’s Guardian, where someone said that “carbon offsetting is like medieval indulgences”.

The real answer is nuclear, not plastic

Backing nuclear power is an unusual stance to take in this paper. But renewables cannot ever meet our growing electricity demand

Phorm fires privacy row for ISPs

Web users are up in arms over what they see as an invasion of privacy by a company that will track surfing patterns to serve targeted ads, says Charles Arthur


Speakers for your MP3 player are never going to be both portable and able to pump out great sound

Tech Weekly podcast: Online safety and artificially intelligent search

We hear from The Family Online Safety group and the founder of True Knowledge – a company that is building a search engine for facts through artificial intelligence. Plus news on Microsoft’s EU fine, Wikileaks, the death of Netscape and a US government plan to seek out Terrorists through gaming