The latest? Try the Tech Weekly podcast: Feargal Sharkey on Music Rights and BBC iPlayer

Feargal Sharkey, former singer with the Undertones is now chief executive of British Music Rights. Last week he told internet service providers the music industry was ready for change, and in this week’s programme he answers your questions. Also in this week’s programme the head of the BBC’s iPlayer discusses its latest update

It’s just magic having rock (or if you’re being picky pop) royalty. Come on, the guy who sang the song that John Peel thought was the greatest-ever pop song (Teenage Kicks, if you’d forgotten) and My Perfect Cousin, with its brilliant rhyme:

My perfect cousin/
What I like to do he doesn’

He also told me (outside the podcast) about why the Undertones once got a military escort out of a town where they’d been playing – because, apparently, the band always refused to toe the NI line which was that, depending on the religious affiliation of the area you were in, for your last encore you either played The Soldier’s Song (Catholic) or, um, I’ve forgotten what the Protestant one would be. Anyway, they wouldn’t do that – they’d do Teenage Kicks or similar. Cue, once, riot.

And elsewhere, surfing the latest meme, based on reading Clay Shirky’s Here Comes Everybody (about loose organisations): Can Microsoft be more transparent?

The ‘Vista-capable’ debacle points up how much the company needs to improve its internal communication.

And wonders how it might be if it were radically different – as in, if people within felt free to challenge decisions as people do outside it.