DateTuesday 18 November 2008

Twitter is down. Gmail isn’t working. At this rate..

..I’ll have to go and use Facebook. It just seems like every so often, Gmail (or possibly Apple Mail) just decides it’s had enough. This often happens at around the same time that the overload of Flash ads from the million tabs I’ve got open in my browser decide to gang up on the CPU and swallow it. And of course NetNewsWire also thinks it’s a good time to take 102% (two CPU cores, so 200% available) of available cycles.

Basically, can’t get anything done that involves the web. Which is really frustrating.

Then it all eases up again – usually without having to restart everything. At which point email floods in. And there’s always too much email. And huge amounts of it are crap. I really, really need a smart program that can sift through that stuff and find the useful stuff.

But the lack of Twitter is amazingly frustrating. This must be what mental cold turkey feels like.

No, not serious about Facebook. Too slow and boring.

Alex the cartoon, (tax-) free at last

More sheer genius from Peattie and Taylor of Alex fame (and, one hopes, fortune):

Point to note: this is now appearing, as well as on the Daily Telegraph’s site, at their own site – Not sure what the implications are in terms of rights, nor indeed for the Tele, which of course would surely want to keep it in its space. But on alexcartoon you can buy “products” (t-shirts? Jewel-encrusted BlackBerries? Secretaries who’ll remember your spouse’s birthday? I haven’t looked) and, of course, email cartoons to people.

The danger to them is that it looks like it would be quite simple to scrape the site, grab all the cartoons and print a book of them. (Don’t put it past someone.) Whereas the Telegraph has made it near to impossible first to find the cartoon, and secondly to find it at the same URL consistently. That does have the advantage of putting off the copyright thieves.

On, and today’s is even more brutal.